[WALKTHROUGH] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!

OTBS Minato Okouchi S2 don't tell him

Chapter 1

  • “What about our goodbye kisses?”
  • Try to keep the peace

Chapter 2

  • “I know you don’t mean that.”
  • Flutter your eyelashes

Chapter 3

  • “I’ll get you back one day.”
  • Tug Minato’s clothes

Chapter 4

  • Try to hold hands
  • Ask Tsumugu yourself

Chapter 5

  • Give him a reassuring hug
  • Sit next to him

Chapter 6

  • Lead Minato away
  • Hug him

Chapter 7

  • Tell him you wish you could see him
  • Assume it’s a dream

 OTBS S1 ending

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