[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido season 1 Main Story

OTBS Tsumugu Kido S1 main story OTBS Tsumugu Kido S1 main story

After finding herself stuck living with a stingy, money-loving man named Kido, the MC is shocked to find out that she’s been transferred to the dream team of Shiki Publishing, Seasonelle, and is partners with another man by the same name for her first article. The two men are polar opposites of each other, and the MC finds herself admiring the one at work while arguing with the one at home. However, she soon finds out that that the two of them are the same person?!

Kido gives a really bad impression from the prologue, and this sticks with him until maybe halfway through the story. He’s a miser and a slouch at home, and tries to get every penny he can from the MC. However, at work he’s a completely different person; capable, efficient, and a good negotiator, he gives off the aura of an “elite journalist” with his well-tailored suit and slicked back hair. While his self at home doesn’t have any filter to his thoughts, the Kido at work hides his true intentions behind a smile, and the MC senses something is off about him even before she finds out that both Kidos are the same person.

I won’t go into his past because of spoilers, but he’s a character that’s gone through a lot, and there’s a reason why Kido lives his double life. I’m hoping Voltage goes more into his past in his future routes, because while they did tell his past, that’s all they did; I think they could have pulled off the unveiling of it a bit better, and made it so that the MC could see it more than just hear about it. It would have made a bigger impact (imo), but they may be keeping it in store for future routes.

The MC’s and Kido’s relationship has a rocky start, both at home and at work. The MC is frustrated that work-Kido doesn’t believe in her abilities, and home-Kido adds to her frustrations with his behavior. It isn’t until she finds out that they’re both the same person that she starts to get curious about why he lives such a complicated life, and slowly starts to fall for him as she learns more about him and he starts to open up to her more. Kido has a hard time really opening up to her; while he does let himself go and speaks Kansai dialect in front of her, he doesn’t like to get into his past with her, and tries to maintain a wall between them. He doesn’t understand why the MC tries to get involved in his business, but slowly lets her in as the story progresses. The story was written well, and it didn’t lag; there weren’t any plot holes either, which is what usually happens when Voltage tries to pull a “complex” character like him. You won’t find much romance until towards the end, and even then it’s not a lot. I hope Voltage adds more romance to his future routes because I want to see this dork even more of a blushy mess (/w\)

I absolutely loved the MC in this route. She’s determined not to let Kido get the best of her at work, and pushes herself at home to do her best and get him to acknowledge her abilities. Her sass is amazing in this route (maybe even better than Minato’s route, but in a different way), and she doesn’t let herself get down when Kido tries to discourage her through his logical thinking. Her optimism and diligence is what attracts Kido to her in the first place, and she does her best to get along with Kido, even though he doesn’t do the same for her; however, because of it, he starts to slowly open up to her.

I enjoyed this route a lot, and highly recommend it! Kido is a complex character, and while I thought I wouldn’t like him because of the prologue, he definitely grew on me throughout the route, and has a three-way tie with Shusei and Chiaki for my favorite in the game ; w ; I hope Voltage goes more into his past and family, and can’t wait to see how his relationship with the MC grows in future routes. I really enjoyed his epilogue, and it’s amazing how cute he gets once he starts to have feelings for the MC (/w\) There were a few moments where I wanted to cry, but that might have just been me being emotional since I wasn’t feeling that good when I played his route =__=;; Happy playing! >w<

6 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido season 1 Main Story

  1. I really like reading your reviews. At first i wasnt sure if i should get his route, no, actually i was certain i would nvr spend money on him cos he was sorude in his prologue and i thot that this guy’s so shady no way!!! But, after reading ur review i got curious so i bought him lol. Then, Omg his and the mc’s heated exchanges were so funny haha. Kido is kinda cute too when he blushes. I agree with u abt how they coulda prolly made the revelation of his past more creative by showig it rather than tell or something. And thanks to this awesome review i got to read his route!! Looking forward to more detailed and well written reviews from you!!😊👍


    • Thank you for reading my review! I’m glad that you gave Tsumugu a chance and liked him in the end. My goal for these reviews if for people to try new characters they aren’t sure if they’d like or not; I’ve found a surprising number of favorites this way, and I’m sure many other people can as well. And I agree, his blushing face is cute (/w\)


  2. I end up binge reading most of your reviews about otbs boys in a flash. Tsumugu’s stories is really my cup of tea along with Chiaki’s. While Chiaki is so win in the mellow and sweet departement. Tsumugu’s story win me with it’s comedy and heartwarming quality. I can’t even count how much i laughed like a madman throughout his main story. 😂😂
    you made me wants to try my hands on shuhei so bad…


    • Did you read his epilogue as well? I’m thinking of purchasing a bundle for his story for season 1 and was just wondering if it was worth it.
      I really do love his odd personality.


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