[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Leon season 1 Sequel

SCM Leon S1 sequel

With their love permitted by the heavens, Leon keeps up with his duties as a god to draw less criticism from those against their relationship. However, they break another law of the heavens, and the appearance of the goddess Leon defiled causes more problems. A curse placed on the MC causes her to forget Leon day by day; the more he cherishes her, the more she forgets, and slowly she struggles to remember her love for the god who was willing to throw away everything for her.

From the beginning of the story, Leon is gentler with the MC. He still puts on the “I’m a god and you’re just a goldfish” act, but you can see that he doesn’t push her around as much as he used to. He listens to her and takes her feelings into account more, and seems to put an effort into understanding her. He’s more honest with her as well, but once in a while he’ll pull the “god” act to remind us what he’s really like XD However, you can see that he really cares for the MC by the things he does that he doesn’t tell her about. He gets his act together and doesn’t shirk his duties in the heavens as he used to so people won’t use that as an excuse to say that the forbidden love between him and the MC is influencing him in bad ways. He’s also extremely protective of the MC in front of other gods, and refers to the MC as his “goddess” at times >w<

Leon grows a lot from this route, mostly in the second part of the story. It’s in this route that you see him feel remorse for the sin he committed in his main story; he learns what it really means to love someone who doesn’t love you back, and the agony and despair that comes with it. He also feels regret for making the one he loves feel sad, and the combination of the two makes him offer up something that he holds with pride as a means of repentance for his sins and make the MC happy again. When the MC starts to lose her memories of Leon, he opens up to her in ways that he never would have if she still had her memories; you can see how much he’s hurting because of her, and that he truly cared for and wants the best for her. I liked seeing this tender side of Leon, though I wish it didn’t have to be from those circumstances ; A ;

Physical intimacy is a big theme in this route, mostly because sex between a god and a human is forbidden. Inevitably (if you play the route you’ll see why I used this word lol), Leon and the MC do end up sleeping together. One thing that I should mention is that unlike previous Voltage routes where they’ll build up into a sex scene and stop, this route continues on. Usually Voltage will have the guy push the girl down onto a bed and kiss her neck or unbutton her shirt, but in the forbidden end, they show the entire scene. It wasn’t tasteless, and they do their best to make it sweet and meaningful, and you can see that Leon really treasures the MC before the actual scene and during it.

However, I personally didn’t see why they had to cross the line; the mood before the sex said more than enough, and it seemed like Voltage is testing to see how far they can go in their routes. This is something that I don’t like in the new risqué direction Voltage is going in, since they’re such a big name in the English otome game community and there are people young as 13 in the fandom. Call me old fashioned, but I’d prefer these scenes not to be in the routes. But then again, these are adult characters in adult relationships, so I can see why Voltage would want to appeal to their older audience. However, if that’s the direction that they’re going to push for, I think they should change the maturity rating of their apps.

The plot of the route was good, but the pacing felt extremely rushed. I think if they had opted for 10 chapters instead of 8 it would have done a lot more for the pacing; it seemed like they were trying to fit in too much in too little time. The end sent wasn’t anything special, so I don’t recommend it. I did like the sequel epilogue a lot though ^w^ If you liked Leon in his main story, then I recommend this route! It’s amazing how much he develops as a character. However, if you didn’t like him before, then I wouldn’t recommend you try this route since his base character is still the same. Once again, happy playing!

19 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Leon season 1 Sequel

    • I’m really excited for Aquarius’s route! (I can’t remember his real name because of the spelling =__=;;) Mostly because he’s my sign, and he seems like the type that I usually end up liking XD I’m also excited for Teorus and Dui’s routes as well ^w^


  1. I really liked that sequel though it’s definitely true that it would’ve been better if there had been 10 chapters instead of 8. 8 was too short, so the story seemed a bit rushed. There was so much potential with that storyline so it’s a bit sad but i still liked it.


    • In the more recent Voltage games, all the sequels seem to be 8 chapters long. I wish they made it at least 10, because I don’t think there’s much you can do with only 8 ; A ;


  2. I really should have read ur review b4 buying the story…it was nice but not what i wanted. I really thought it was going to be mostly about her losing her memory…


    • I think Voltage misled with their summary. If anything, the MC forgetting her memories felt more like an afterthought than the main plot of the route. If they had made it longer I think it would have been better but Voltage seems to be making all their sequels 8 chapters now *sigh*


  3. I just played the sequel route, and as sweet as it is, the twist of the female MC beginning to forget all of her memories of Leon the more he loved her does feel very rushed. You’re right in saying that they should have added another two episodes and to have expanded on it for it to feel more natural.


    • That or they should’ve brought that plot element in earlier on in the story. I thought the summary was really misleading since the whole memory loss part of it was literally in the last two or three chapters of the route =__=


  4. The MC’s character exasperates me a lot. I love her, don’t get me wrong, especially at the end of the main route, but the constant crying at realizing that she loved Leon but was not going to be able to be with him because of their status as human and god made me cringe a lot. I don’t know if it was because of how sappy it was, or what… just something that annoyed me.

    Or maybe it was because of the way it was written.

    The Epilogue of the sequel made me cringe again, partly because the MC should not be writing about the times she and Leon got intimate in a diary that anyone can get ahold of and partly because the contents of said diary got out. In the heavens. And is now public knowledge among the GODS.

    Nice, Leon. Way to humiliate your lover there.

    That is beyond mortifying.

    I love the MC, but she’s so similar to a lot of the other MCs that the formula is getting a little… stale? But I don’t hate her… I just want to re-write her character… a lot.


    • I can see what you’re saying with the MCs starting to be similar. I’ve noticed this as well, and I’m hoping the next few game releases depart from the formula but still make her relatable to me D:


      • Heh.

        I’m planning on a SCM fanfiction that is based off of this, but with quite a few differences in that she is a very strong willed person with a weak body and who is not afraid to stand up for herself.

        Plus, she has divinity cancellation, meaning that if the Gods tried to strip her off with their powers, it isn’t going to work because… well, imagine it to be like Asuna’s power from Negima.

        So she is physically weak compared to them, but resourceful and not afraid to read them the riot act.

        I mean, the personality doesn’t have to be exactly that of the protagonist, right? She’s supposed to be a self-insert of the player, which means we can adjust her how we want.


        • Interesting idea! You should definitely write it out ^w^
          Personally, I view the MC as her own character. I don’t self-insert myself into the game, but I know a lot of people who do. It’s different for everyone XD


        • The intention is for people to think of themselves as the protagonist, but I can never seem to do that. Sure, their personalities are toned down to try and get the readers to try and relate to them… but it just doesn’t really work.

          Eh, not really doing a self-insert here. Just rewriting the character to seem a little more… developed? A spit fire who can stand up to GODS, but is terrified of her older siblings who “trained” her so that she could have a stronger body… with near tragic results.


  5. I liked the forbidden end – it was more intimate i guess? In a way that you could see how hurt Leon was by the whole incident, and how afraid of losing her again he was. (Although the thing with Eris was pretty bittersweet)
    Though I do completely agree they didn’t really HAVE to go into detail, though things did get a little hot and heavy in there heheh. I’ll admit i like it when things get racy… but well when they went into full detail it felt like a little TOO much information.

    Either way, the sequel really made me like Leon a lot more!
    While we’re at that I love your reviews, and it’s my go-to place before i decide on buying any routes – i bought Dui after reading your review!
    Keep up the good work!


  6. You’re awesome when it comes to writing reviews! I used to treat reviews like spoilers because people didn’t seem to know how to differentiate between the two. I read the route before the review and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well written this is. I’m still blushing from the intimate scene (tmi voltage, I really hope it was my dirty mind misinterpreting the dialogue during the cg >.<). I'll definitely be looking at your reviews before the routes, my wallet thanks you beforehand!!


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