[WALKTHROUGH] Star-Crossed Myth: Leon season 1 Sequel

SCM Leon S1 sequel

*the meter may fluctuate between the two sides, but the result will lead to the respective endings*

Blessed Ending

Chapter 1

  • “I brought meatballs.”
  • “Then, how did you know?”

Chapter 2

  • Wait for Leon to say something
  • “I can’t do that.”

Chapter 3

  • Make up an excuse
  • “You can’t possibly mean me.”

Chapter 4

  • “I knew something was off”
  • “Do you think I’ll ever be sure?”

Chapter 5

  • “What did you mean, ‘disturbance’?”
  • “Tired of the party?”

Chapter 6

  • “I know you love me, Leon.”
  • “There’s no way I can go to sleep.”

Chapter 7

  • “Why did you protect me!?”
  • “Your feelings were real.”

SCM blessed ending

Forbidden Ending

Chapter 1

  • “Stop them.”
  • “YOU wanted to see ME.”

Chapter 2

  • “She attacked me!”
  • “You’ll only make love to me if I beg?”

Chapter 3

  • Run to him
  • “Are you sure?”

Chapter 4

  • “You knew?”
  • “I want you to make me sure.”

Chapter 5

  • “That was pretty bad.”
  • “You should have called me up here.”

Chapter 6

  • “I know you love me, Leon.”
  • “Don’t go anywhere.”

Chapter 7

  • Tend to his wound
  • “You didn’t love Leon?”

SCM forbidden ending

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