[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mahiro Nanase season 2 Senior Year

FLD Mahiro Nanase season 2 senior year

With her college admissions exams coming up, the MC worries about her future after she gets her subpar mock exam scores back. She throws herself into her studies, but has a hard time choosing what career path she wants to follow. Mahiro insists that she pace herself and take time choosing a path that she’ll enjoy, but the MC starts to prioritize studying over him and her friends. Stressed out from her studying, she’s surprised when Mahiro announces that they’re going to take an overnight trip.

I absolutely loved Mahiro in this route. He’s so supportive of the MC, and you can see how he really wants to see her succeed and reach her goals. He understands her well in this route, and recognizes when she’s pushing herself too hard and starting to self-destruct from all her studying and worrying. I loved how supportive he was, but what I loved even more was that he was willing to step in and push her back into the right direction; he understands the MC even better than she does herself, and isn’t afraid to take charge and point out what she’s doing wrong, even though she’s older than him.

The MC frustrated me a lot in this route, but I could understand her perspective on things well. College admissions are a big deal, and choosing a major and career path to study is a big decision. Voltage did play up her stubbornness a lot in the beginning, but as the story progresses you see her opening up her perspective and having a more positive outlook on her future. Mahiro’s encouragement and the effort he puts in so that she doesn’t make decisions she’ll regret later help a lot, and help her gain confidence in herself and be sure of what she wants to do in the future.

I loved the relationship between Mahiro and the MC. Mahiro’s support does a lot for their relationship, and the MC worries for Mahiro in her own way to (such as wanting to be a role model so he takes his future seriously). Towards the end you see that Mahiro actually has a bit of a complex about being younger than the MC, and wants to be dependable and manly to her XD I’m wondering how things are going to be between them when it’s Mahiro’s senior year, and I’m hoping Voltage writes it just as well as they did for the MC’s ^w^

Mahiro grew on me so much in this route! It was a big improvement from his season 1 routes, and I absolutely loved it. I’m hoping that Voltage continues the writing they’ve shown in the senior year routes so far for Sota and Mitsuru as well ^w^ The only complaint I had for this route was the green shirt that Mahiro wears 80% of the time. It doesn’t suit him (imo) =___=;; I definitely recommend this route, and can’t wait to see for Sota’s senior year story >w< Happy playing!

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