[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Naomasa Sakura season 1 Sequel


The sudden disappearance of a member the Sakuragumi has the head worried, so he calls Naomasa and the MC to investigate the case. The MC wants to help Naomasa in the investigation, but concerned with her safety, he’s hesitant to let her go undercover with him. The MC reluctantly agrees to not go undercover, and finds herself another job covering a resort for a feature covering date spots for couples. However, she finds Naomasa working there?!

Naomasa is a lot more open and affectionate from the beginning of the route. He’s determined to protect the MC from the hazards of being a detective, but also wants to let her make her own choices as well. He’s still a serious person, but once in a while he’ll pull adorable blushing face when he gets embarrassed (sorry Non-tan but Naomasa is back to TLSL bias ; w ; ).

The story mostly focuses on the trust relationship between Naomasa and the MC. Naomasa struggles between wanting to protect the MC and letting her do what she wants, while the MC wants to help and him and wishes he would trust in her abilities more. I absolutely loved the MC in this route; she’s aware of Naomasa’s concern, but it doesn’t stop her from telling him that she wants to help, and he eventually realizes that while he’s worried about her, she’s also worried about him. They definitely grow closer in this route, and learn to trust in each other more ^w^

There were a lot of sweet moments between the two (mostly because Naomasa is more open with the MC now >w<). Naomasa made me want to squeal into my pillows because he was so adorable at times. There aren’t a lot of “hot” moments until the end of the route; I really liked the CG for the bitter trap end (/w\) I also highly recommend both the end set and the epilogue! Both of them made my heart flutter, and the epilogue is hilarious as well >w<

I highly recommend this route! The writing and pacing were well done, as was the relationship development between Naomasa and the MC. He hints marriage a lot throughout the story, and my heart fluttered every time he did >///< Happy playing!

17 thoughts on “[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Naomasa Sakura season 1 Sequel

  1. I really was looking forward to his main story and bought it ..but i was so bored really ! Not much of story and he had bad chara but sometimes he was really cute ….and the mc was really so desperate in his main story …wanting his attention all the time but i love it cuz i love this kind story where the girl or mc is really in love with the guy but he dosent know or care ! If you have similar routes to this kind of mc ..plz care to share 😉


    • I know in TLSL, the MC falls for Nozomu pretty early on in the route (though the feelings are mutual, he tries to push her away). You might enjoy Kiyoharu’s route as well since his is more focused on lies that he puts between him and the MC!


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