[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Sota Yamamoto season 2 Senior Year

FLD Sota Yamamoto S2 senior year

Sota’s popularity is on the rise as he prepares to go pro in motocross, and his relationship with the MC is going well as ever. However, things turn complicated when the MC gets interviewed after one of his races, and someone starts to send her threatening letters afterward. The MC keeps quiet because she doesn’t want to worry Sota, but when she gets caught in a dangerous situation, her childhood friend comes to the rescue?!

Sota hasn’t changed much from season 1. He’s still quiet, but shows his love for the MC whenever he has the chance, and tries his best to be there for her whenever he can. He’s set big goals for himself, and I liked watching him do his best trying to achieve them; there’s a lot of internal conflict for him in this story as he tries to determine what’s the best possible way he can achieve his goal of going pro in motocross. He’s the type to stick true to what he wants, and he eventually does that in the end; I loved him in season 1, and he grew on me even more in this route (/w\)

The MC and Sota definitely grow as a couple in this route. Both of them are extremely selfless individuals, and both of them want the best for each other, even if it costs something for them personally. The events in this route cause them to take a step back and look at their relationship and see what direction it’s going in. They realize that nothing good is going to happen with both of them being self-sacrificing all the time, and learn to communicate to each other more and take both of their needs and wants into consideration instead of just trying to fulfill the other’s.

I absolutely love the relationship between the MC and Sota. Though problems do arise from their selflessness, the existing relationship they do have is so sweet and adorable (/w\) They’re always looking out for one another, and the trust they have for each other is amazing. I think it’s wonderful how they don’t doubt one another; despite Sota’s growing popularity, the MC never thinks twice about him ever leaving her. Sota does the same for the MC; in fact, they seem more proud of each other instead of growing jealous, and I think that says a lot of their relationship.

Another thing I want to mention is something I really appreciate in FLD is that the MC has a great circle of friends. They’re all very different people, so they all offer different perspectives, but the support they give one another is amazing and helps the MC a lot.

I absolutely loved this route, and I can’t wait for Mitsuru’s senior year since I’ve loved all of them so far. I definitely recommend this route if you loved Sota in season 1, and if you haven’t given him a try yet, please do! He’ll melt your heart with his sincerity and steady love >w< Once again, happy playing!

3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Sota Yamamoto season 2 Senior Year

  1. I am confused whether to buy nao’s route or sota’s route they both look so cute ,i was more into sota but i want to know more about his route (senior year) do u think you can tell me more about his route ?? Not about the mc and him ,i want to know more about his route and that childhood friend of mc ….plzz 😅


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