[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Samon season 1 Main Story

EITM Samon S1 main story

After being saved by youkai after her powers, the MC is shocked to find out that Samon, whom she’s looked at as an older brother, is an ayakashi who was tasked with keeping her safe until her powers awakened. Her life turned upside down, the MC is given one month to choose which of the ayakashi clan heads she’ll make an agreement with. Samon continues to protect her, and as she struggles with her current situation, the feelings she has for him start to change.

Samon is a zashiki-warashi, which are house spirits that bring good luck to a household. Unlike the other ayakashi, his powers are more defensive than offensive; he uses energy shields and can heal people. He’s also capable at shrine and in the kitchen; he gives off the aura of a kind, helpful older brother, and acts like one to everyone in the story, including the clan heads (who listen to him when he scolds them XD). He’s an extremely caring person, and does his best to protect the MC even though his powers aren’t as strong as the other ayakashi.

Samon is someone that the MC has known since high school, so their relationship is similar to one a brother and sister would have. It’s apparent from the beginning of the route that he has feelings for her, and the MC has feelings for him (though she doesn’t realize it); the plot focuses a lot of their relationship as it changes from sibling-like love into romance. The pacing of the route was a little slow, but I didn’t mind it too much; the route in general was extremely sweet, and it was absolutely adorable how they slowly got more flustered around each other as the MC gets closer to realizing her feelings.

The only part I didn’t like in the route was towards the end. The plot against the tatarimokke felt sudden and a bit forced, and didn’t really add anything to the story; it felt more like filler and an attempt to add some action to route. The sudden development with Samon’s position in the mononoke village in the end also felt like it was an easy way out when there was a chance for character development on Samon’s part. Like I said earlier, there aren’t a lot of exciting moments in the story; it’s mostly about how the relationship between the MC and Samon changes after she finds out his identity as an ayakashi.

I was looking forward to this route, and I wasn’t disappointed! There’s a lot less action in this route compared to the other ayakashi, but I think it matched Samon’s personality well. I highly recommend this route; I lost the number of times that I squealed into my pillows over adorable Samon was. His blushing face is going to be the end of me (/w\) Please give him a try! Happy playing! >w<

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Samon season 1 Main Story

  1. I’m going to take a look at Samon’s route now! I’ve always been kind of drawn to his warm, gentle, caring demeanor (I’m an absolute sucker for big-brother type guys), but I was afraid that Voltage might do his story a half-baked one, like they tend to do for characters that are looked over by most of their customers. But you’ve directed me to the bae of my life, Shusei, and haven’t done me wrong yet so I’ll give Samon a try now 🙂

    Any more big brother types you can suggest???


    • Samon’s stories aren’t as well written as Shusei’s, but it’s hard not to like him >w<

      I'm glad that I got you to like Shusei! He doesn't get the love he deserves ; w ; I think you might Makoto from MLFK if you like warm, gentle and caring characters ^w^


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