[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 1 Sequel


It’s been a while since the MC and Kazuki have gotten back together, and both their personal and professional lives are blooming. Aki wants Larme to participate in the prestigious Japan Sweets Contest, so the MC starts to spend more time after work preparing for it. Kazuki introduces the MC to Tess, a coworker from his days back in the U.S. who he hired into Tarte and Tatin as his secretary to help him with the company’s growth.

I absolutely loved the relationship the MC and Kazuki had with each other. It may be because they’ve dated before, but they’re so comfortable with each other; it seems like they just click with everything. It’s also adorable how both of them are so concentrated on their respective careers; for example, for one of their dates, they go out and try stuff in other cafes and bakeries to get an idea of what trends are. This kind of date seemed pretty common for them, and speaks loads about their relationship; they support each other not just in their personal lives, but also in their professional ones as well, seeing as neither of them can really turn off their work switch when it comes to desserts >w<

Kazuki is so sweet and dedicated in this route it made me tear up a little ; w ; Even though he’s extremely busy with his growing company, he makes an effort to make time for the MC in his schedule and gives her advice and encouragement when she needs it. This route focused more on the MC’s development, in her career and relationship with Kazuki. The MC is extremely dedicated to her job, and takes it hard when it feels like she’s not doing well enough and tends to overwork herself (not just in this route but other ones as well). I loved how Kazuki helped the MC realize that instead of trying to meet some standard, it’s important to stay true to her own style and beliefs and make her confections the way reflects them (if you couldn’t tell, I absolutely loved Kazuki in this route).

The MC also has a bit of a trust issue with Kazuki. This is probably because of how their relationship ended ten years ago and how she feels inadequate next to Kazuki currently, but she learns to be more confident in Kazuki’s love for her and trust in him more. Not to say that she didn’t try; however, Kazuki did a really good job at showing how much she means to him, though it was partially his fault for thinking the MC was stronger than she really was. The situation in this route reminded me a lot of their break up ten years ago, but it shows that they’ve learned from their past mistakes and shows how strong their feelings for each other are now.

I absolutely enjoyed this route, and highly recommend it, especially if you liked Kazuki’s main story! I also highly recommend the sequel epilogue; the CG is gorgeous, and I think that’s the happiest a sequel epilogue has ever made me (/w\) It really felt like a conclusion to season 1, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship is going to grow in season 2! (*intensively prays for wedding route*) Happy playing! >w<

14 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 1 Sequel

  1. Hello 🙂 I am pretty new here, but I want to say that I have been reading your blog for the last month and half and I am truly appreciate all of the time that you put in. I really like Kazuki because you can really see now much he truly loves the main character, and those are the kinds of thing that I like. I know that this is not the KBTHB blog but I found out that Shuichi route is out and even though I saw bits of pieces of it I can say that this is sooooooo worth the wait and I know that you will like it.
    P.S. If eisuke ever does something to lose the MC forever do you think he will try to win her back? (opinion)


    • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my reviews! It means a lot (/w\)
      I’ve actually already played Shuichi’s route, but just need to finish writing the review. It’ll be up by today hopefully ^___^;;
      And if it’s Eisuke, he won’t try to win the MC back; he WILL win her back pfft XD


  2. Hello 🙂 I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I have been reading it for the past few months. I really like Kazuki because you can tell that he truly loves the MC, and wants to be with her. I love those kinds of stories XD. I just found out that in KBTBB that Shuichi route is out and I know that you will enjoy it. Keep up the good work 😉


  3. I love Kazuki’s sequel the most out of the guys in FILA. But for the main story, I think Yoh and Aki’s story moved me the most. FILA guys are all sorts of awesome (except for the prince of cakes, Momoi, lol, I do like arrogant guys but his main story made me feel so indifferent that I didn’t have interest to buy his sequel).

    The dynamic between Kazuki and the MC is definitely the most comfortable among FILA guys, their chemistry is built up for many years and they truly understand each other. It’s also easy for me to love Kazuki because he’s the only character that’s older than the MC in FILA. I don’t mind younger guys but sometimes I do feel that the age gap between some of the guys and the MC is just too huge (for the exception of Aki whom I always felt he’s so mature so I don’t really see him as a younger guy).


    • Kazuki’s sequel was definitely my favorite out of all the S1 sequels (so far. They haven’t released Yuto’s yet ; A ; ) I love how comfortable Kazuki and the MC were with each other, and it made me really jealous tbh; I hope I can find someone like that in my life soon (/w\)
      I’m hoping Momoi’s season 2 routes will be better than his season 1 routes because I really want to like him as a character ; A ;


      • I’m alright about Yuto’s main story and him as a character so I probably won’t buy his sequel. He’s pretty cute as a character but he’s seriously too young and I wasn’t a big fan of that whole “deceiving” plot, although his love towards the MC is sincere. Yoh also feels a lot younger than the MC but I dig Yoh’s route more than Yuto for some reason.

        FILA is probably one of my favorite games from Voltage, in your arms tonight. I guess I prefer the mature theme. I do like a few characters from kiss of revenge, baddest bidder, metro pd and surprisingly true love sweet lies (I only like Nozomu (/w\), still waiting for his sequel).


        • I was surprised that Yuto was even younger than Yoh tbh =__=;; I wasn’t a fan of the deceiving plot either, but I guessed that Voltage would use that plot with him since he’s a “playboy” *sigh*

          I love IYAT and KOR to death (since they were my first Voltage games). TLSL isn’t for everyone, but I find myself liking it more nowadays. I think it’s because Naomasa and Nozomu were released last, and those two are my favorites (/w\) Nozomu’s sequel comes out this week and I can’t wait to play it >w<


        • Not me. I want to give him another chance, but if he hurts the MC like that again I’m done with his route entirely. Chiaki did that too in his route but that love letter was so adorable I couldn’t help but forgive him


        • Yes sorry! Yuto……ugh my feelings toward him are so mixed. That’s why I need his sequel. Voltage should not have made that sequel epilogue so…….risque though. I think Chiaki’s sequel epilogue made a lot of people actually like him less. Lots of people don’t like that kind of thing, even though it is the kind of thing Chiaki would do.


        • It’s really easy to misunderstand characters like Chiaki ; A ; There needs to be a Chiaki protection squad XD
          I’m can’t wait for Yuto’s sequel either! I want to see how his relationship with the MC will change, especially since their age gap is so large and he’s still in school. Hopefully it’ll be released soon!


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