[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Ayumu Shinonome MS2: Falling in Love

HLITF Ayumu Shinonome ms2 falling in love

After giving the MC a test “confession,” Ayumu continues to tease her with them, telling her that she needs to work on her seduction skills. The MC is determined to do better in all aspects of her training, and continues to try her best at it with his help. She struggles to keep her feelings for Ayumu in check when she’s suddenly asked by Kaga to investigate him! There’s more to the purse-snatching case than she suspected, and Ayumu is deemed as one of the suspects?!

Ayumu seems friendlier with the MC in this route. He’ll tease her with “confessions” and manipulate his way out of situations where he’ll have to answer her questions, but you can see that he’s opening up to the MC little by little. Personally it looked as if he started falling for her early on in the route (though both he and the MC don’t know it). He blushes a lot more in this route, and it was interesting to see how his reactions towards the MC change as the story progresses; he gets embarrassed in situations that wouldn’t have fazed him in his MS1, and starts to “protect” the MC in his own ways.

My review for Ayumu’s MS1 route wasn’t good because the route by itself wasn’t enough; it was bland by itself, and I was confused by the randomness of a few of the plot elements. However, after reading this story, I realize that while not much happened in Ayumu’s MS1, it did a good job of setting the stage for this route. Everything knit together well, from Ayumu’s unrequited love to the seemingly closed purse-snatching case, and you gain a better understanding of how Ayumu works as a PSD and as a character in general.

The plot built on the case from MS1, and it was interesting to see how they tied it in to make it more personal for Ayumu. Both he and the MC are personally tested in this route, and it hurt to see both of them get hurt from their unrequited loves ; A ; However, it was heart-warming to see how much the MC matures as a character individually because of it, even before Ayumu starts to show more obvious signs of starting to fall for her. Their relationship development is gradual but well-paced, and they overcome a lot of hurdles together and separately before they finally end up together. I loved seeing how much Ayumu treasures the MC in the end of this route and in the epilogue; he lives up to his description of being “pure-hearted” in his MS1, and the decision he makes in regards to his relationship with the MC fit him surprisingly well.

The only complaint that I have with this route is that they didn’t go into the full ending of the case, but that was probably because of time constraints as it gets resolved in the very end. I was surprised by how much Ayumu grew on me in this route, and definitely recommend that you get this route if you had reservations about him from his MS1. I highly recommend the epilogue as well; he’s absolutely adorable in it, and I loved seeing him being a bit more vulnerable with the MC (/w\) Please give him a try! You definitely won’t regret it (IMO). Happy playing! >w<

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Ayumu Shinonome MS2: Falling in Love

    • Personally I like Ishigami and Ayumu the best. Everyone seems to have mixed feelings about this app, but I find it interesting a lot of people disagree on which route was the best written. Hopefully the sequels will be released soon! I’m worried because I haven’t seen any new CGs from the JP version of the app and I really want more (especially of Ayumu he’s such a cute ; w ; )


      • Ayumu’s sequel is not out inJP versions yet. Thats one thing I dislike about the app. The CGs. I’d prefer an actual CG rather than the worded ones. I think they sorta changed Hideki’s character….


        • Hideki’s main character points stayed the same, but I agree that they did tweak his character a bit. I agree with the CGs; it felt like Voltage really skimped on the CGs for this game, and I wasn’t happy about it =___=;;


  1. I tried this app only for Ayumu but him acting like a total asshole in the first chapter put me off, then I was sad to see your first review saying it wasn’t that great which is of course most fans fear. It’s a relief to see you recommend him here. Thanks for the review.


    • Ayumu’s MS1 by itself wasn’t a good route, but it definitely set up the stage for his MS2 and the two of them together do make a nice route. Thank you for reading my review! ^w^


  2. I agree! When I first played the first main story, I sort felt like he was a jerk. He was the one I was the most interested in in the game but after reading just the first main story, I was iffy about it. I wished they would’ve released both together instead of splitting the two. After ms2, I love the mushroom now!LOL


  3. Wow, I’m 3 years late into this game lol. I loved Ishigami in MSB and was so glad I found this HLITF because it’s sooo much better in pace and writing. Anyway, I played Ishigami’s and Goto’s routes first, but ended up playing this mushroom as well because he was so intriguing! He looks angelic but his words bite lol!

    I agree with you though. Ayumu’s MS1 was one heck of a confusing ride for me. Like, what the heck does he mean by everything?! But then MS2 and Epilogue came and like you said, everything ties nicely together.

    I loved how he noticed MC’s er, special talent? Haha. It gave her confidence, and his character somehow pushed her to take charge. She’s still so helpless sometimes when it comes to dealing with him though lol. And I also agree that Ayumu’s characterization could’ve been given more depth. There’s still so much I want to know about him.

    But like, if you want to be a pampered gf, Goto’s the one. If you want strong mentorship and a reliable partner with cute nuggets of sweetness, then Ishigami. But if you like mind games and the challenge of keeping a cunning yet cute bf, then Ayumu. Ugh Ayumu annoys me still but he’s so cute I can’t anymore! >.<

    I just finished playing Kaga's route a few days ago and I still don't know how to react to it lol.


  4. Ayumu has the best route in Her Love In The Force. I loved how MC and Ayumu interacted right to the very last story released in his route. The best thing about it is the MC, and that’s why his route really shone. MC has an actual personality. She fights and argues with him, and she does get hurt a lot, but Ayumu’s love for her i constant and steady even though she doubts it at times, until she finally, finally trusts him 100%. That progress is shown throughout the episodes in all the chapters. I hope they put a part 3 and 4 in all routes. I’d like to see where MC is placed after she graduates, and of course, the proposal and marriage stories!

    *I’ve played all routes except Namba and Kurosawa. I loved Ayumu the most, then Ishigami, then Soma, then Goto and finally, Kaga. Kaga is too much alpha for me.


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