[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Scorpio season 1 Main Story

SCM Scorpio S1 main story

After being saved from her fall by Scorpio, the MC is shocked that her wish to be saved was granted in exchange for her removing his mark of sin. She’s appalled by how different he is from what she expected from a god; instead of being benevolent and loving, he’s demanding and calls humans “filthy.” She wonders when she’ll ever be free from her contract, when slowly she starts to learn that there’s more to Scorpio behind his harsh words and icy glare.

The ruler of his namesake, Scorpio is the vice minister of the Department of Punishments. He sees humans as “filthy” beings overcome with selfish desires, and despises having to be on Earth the most out of all the punished gods. His harsh words and mannerisms make him appear to be the perfect god to put into the Department of Punishments, but as the story progresses you start to see that there’s a much more human side to him that he doesn’t show to others; if anything, he’s the definition of tsundere once he starts to fall for the MC XD I was extremely surprised to learn about his past, and it gave an interesting twist to his view on humans; it explains why he so strongly wants to put distance in between himself and humanity through fear.

Like in Leon’s route, the MC plays a big part in Scorpio’s character development. I have to give this MC a round of applause because of how she refuses to obey the gods and accept their views on things just because they’re gods. Her refusal to accept things at face value is what helps her see past her initial misunderstanding of Scorpio, and her persistence in believing in the best of people is what helps Scorpio open his heart to humans more and accept what he refused to from his past. I loved seeing him open up slowly to the MC and seeing that there’s more to humans than just the negative image he had of them in his head.

While Scorpio’s character development and the relationship between him and the MC were written well, there’s another plot element that didn’t really feel necessary to me since it was only fully used towards the end of the route, and even then it felt like Voltage used it as a cop out so they could tie in Scorpio’s past with the present and give him a stimulus to get his powers back. I also found it interesting that Zyglavis’s opinion on Scorpio’s relationship to the MC was completely different to Leon’s relationship to her in Leon’s routes, but I think it was because Voltage wanted to give Scorpio a coworker/friend like how Leon had Karnos.

Scorpio definitely grew on me as a character in this route, and the story in general was well written (until the end. That might just be my personal opinion though =__=;; ). After this route I’m convinced that the descriptions that Voltage gives of the “sins” that the gods committed are true, but only from a certain angle. I can’t wait for his sequel, and my anticipation for Huedhaut’s route only grew in this story. Happy playing!

12 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Scorpio season 1 Main Story

  1. I really liked this route a lot. The MC’s reactions in this one were just great haha. I have many scorpio friends and I could see so many of the personality traits reflected in the game (the negativity, not telling people anything) lol. I thought in the end was a bit stacked in but still soo good 🙂


  2. Thank you once again for the review. I am also surprised by scorpio because of his tsunderes since their are only a few times that I actually like people with that type of personalities. (ex: marie from persona 4 golden). I have a question… Can you please tell me the difference between blessing and forbidden ending? Because I seen the pictures of the CG’s but I can’t tell what is the difference between them. Please and thank you!! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to 🙂 Anyway, I know that this is not Kiss of revenge but have you seen issei season 2 main story? Because I am dying to know what happened 😦 But since they are no longer translating the season two it has been killing me.( I have heard that it is a real emotional story between the MC, Issei, the MC dad, and the fight for both Issei and MC to not only be together but for Issei to continue to work at the hospital.) (Spoilers: for those who read this reply.)
    I can not wait for the sequel review and keep up the good work 😉


    • The blessed ending seems to have a more positive look in the future of their relationship, while the forbidden end is more it’ll-be-what-it’ll-be (idk if that makes any sense but that’s the best I can explain it =___=;; )

      KOR is one of my favorite games and I love it to pieces since Issei was my first Voltage guy ; w ; However, I have no idea what goes on in the second season because I usually don’t go around for summaries from the JP versions of Voltage games since I don’t want to spoil it for myself. I’m still hoping they’ll update KOR some day ; A ;

      And thank you! I hope you keeping reading them ^w^


  3. Hello there~ Have you by any chance, bought the end sets? If you have, mind if I ask if you think they’re worth it? Especially the extra story. I’ve already unlocked both endings though… I’m dying to know more but I don’t think I’d wanna buy something I assume, short, that is the same price as a sequel. Your insight would be helpful 🙂


  4. Oh, now I’m more interested in his route… I’m going to wait for taurus to come out since I want to start with my sign, but now I might come back to him.


    • Please do! I’m waiting for Huedhaut’s route the most since he’s my sign and looks like my type. Also I heard that his story was sad… I’m a sucker for sad stories ; w ;


      • Oh, so am I! Teorus isn’t my typical character… and he’s blond, but I’m hoping he’ll surprise me.

        I’m not sure why, but none of these characters really strike me as ones I’m super excited about. I’m hoping it’ll be like EITM and I’ll fall in love with a route I initially wasn’t excited about like with Shinra. But I suppose I wasn’t excited about Scandal until I played it and I’ve enjoyed both the route I’ve read.


  5. I really loved this route although i have to admit that scorpio’s past sort of ruined it for me because i find that plot a bit… ridiculous. But if you can get past that the relationship developpement between scorpio and mc was well done so i would recommend this route 🙂


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