[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Iori Enjo season 1 Main Story

SITS Iori Enjo S1 main story

After being coerced into becoming the “ghostwriter” for Revance, the MC finds herself writing lyrics for a show opening with Iori, the “prince” known for his gentle nature. However, she quickly discovers that his charismatic smile turns into a deprecating smirk once the audience disappears, and despairs over writing the words of a love song together with him. Despite their bad first impressions of each other, as they spend more time together, their relationship starts to change along with the words of their song…

“Prince Iori” is exactly that when it comes to his fans; a prince who charms his fans with a gentle smile and kind nature. However, behind closed doors, he turns into a harsh and cold person who only cares about the results that his actions produce, making sure that they’ll benefit Revance and boost his public image. The son of a wealthy family, his dislike for women stems from his relationship with his father and his money; he’s seen how “love” changes when it comes to wealth and power, and views women as shallow people who throw their affections to the highest bidder.

It’s really easy to misunderstand Iori; he’s hard to read, and not a nice person in general when he puts away his “prince” persona. I’m going to be brutally honest and say that the way he treats the MC in the beginning made it hard for me to continue the route; his dislike for women clearly shows in his interactions with her, and the only reason why he puts up with her is because Revance needs her. His relationship with the MC has an extremely rocky start, but it slowly (emphasis on the slowly) changes for the better throughout the route. Voltage did a good job at showing new sides to him without rushing the pace, a problem they tend to have when it comes to characters like Iori. He really reminds me of a cat in this route; he dislikes the MC at first, but slowly lets her into his life and starts warming up to her. You could take the fact that he doesn’t bother being a “prince” to the MC as his being comfortable around her; there’s no need to impress her, and I think that important to note that it’s only because of this that the he and the MC start falling for each other. He’s not the type to be overly nice, but shows his kindness in his own way, even if his words are harsh.

Many people might not like the MC in this route. While she talks back to Iori in the beginning and stands her ground, she starts falling for him quickly (though she doesn’t realize it until later on in the story), and is more accepting of the things he says to her as the story progresses. If you’re not okay with the MC accepting mean words from the male lead, then I would not recommend this story to you. There’s a scene in the route where a misunderstanding causes Iori to call the MC a “slut”; if you play the route you’ll understand why he did so (based on the situation and his past), but if this is something absolutely unacceptable for you, do not play this route.

While Iori left an extremely bad impression on me in the beginning, I warmed up to him by the end of the route. Voltage was correct in describing him as “sadistic”; however, after playing the epilogue you can see that he wants the MC to be straightforward and tell him what she wants instead of just trying to get him to be nice to her, even though this might lead to him doing things that will upset her. If you are not okay with excessive teasing, name-calling, and questionable situations that the MC might find herself in, then I would not recommend this route. It isn’t for everyone. If you’re still curious about Iori and want to give him a chance, then please do! He’s mean, but he means well. I’m hoping he’ll be a bit nicer to the MC in his sequel, but we’ll see… Happy playing!

11 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Iori Enjo season 1 Main Story

  1. I agree with you that Iori’s character is a bit hard to grasp. I find it hard to fall for him unlike with Kyohei that just a few chapters I find myself squealing with everything he does. But Iori is nice in his own and yes, I agree that voltage did a good job on showing his other sides. I get to know him little by little, which is nice to see.
    But still, I do like Kyohei than Iori (sorry, my prince. TT^TT). I’m giving him a second chance, though. Lol.I hope to see more of him soon and I hope to eventually fall for him and love him. 🙂


  2. Thanks for writing this review I have been wondering about getting his route as I really didn’t like his personality in the prologue, after reading this I might give it a chance as I like it when the reason behind the characters personalities are explained.
    Thanks again


  3. I actually really like his persona and character a lot but just the things he says. I was perfectly fine with everything until “slut” came along 😐 Wished he would apologize to the MC later on at least even though he does help the MC in other ways. Other than that, I like him more than Kyohei (maybe cause I’m M haha) but I’m hoping he’ll be a lot of nicer in the sequel. > <


    • Personally, I think it would’ve been a bit out of character for Iori to apologize… though that doesn’t mean what he said was right. I like Iori’s sequel and more than Kyohei’s, so you might as well! ^w^


  4. OMG. Are you joking me? I was SO excited to play this route because I thought he would be adorable and charming! *dies of the disappointment* Is he nicer in the epilogue and sequel? Ugh. I’m probably gonna play Kyohei’s route first instead of his lol. Also I wonder how they’ll do CGs for Ryo’s route?


    • I liked Kyohei’s main story better, but Iori’s sequel a lot more than Kyohei’s. Iori definitely does get more affectionate in his sequel, and he breaks down his walls more for the MC.
      I’m also curious about Ryo’s route, since not much has been revealed about him yet. Hopefully we’ll be seeing it translated soon! ^w^


  5. Iori is the only one I haven’t played so far but I’m starting to get curious. I guess I’ll have to try his route. Thanks for the review!


  6. Wow, thank you very much for the review! Iori my love in this game now ❤ Maybe he is a little mean sometimes hehe, but I liked his "Dark Prince Mode" (oh, I am masochist too). Finally, I found in Voltage's games route where MC can say what in her mind without needing to be modest or act "all happy, when I am not". And important thing: Iori will not look at you like you too horny or lewd, or something like that, if just say it straight.

    I would be really glad if someone advice me a similar charachters in Voltage games. Like Huedhaut (Star-crossed), Iori, Shuichi (Baddest Bidder) or Seiichirou (7 rings) – smart, cold, sarcastic or little mean, but really sweet inside.


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