[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Iori Enjo season 1 Sequel

SITS Iori Enjo S1 sequel

It’s been six months since the MC and Iori have started dating, and he’s still merciless with his teasing. Despite his mean words, when the MC struggles between wanting to write lyrics for Revance and writing screenplays, he supports her dreams and helps her achieve them. However, he won’t let the MC help him with his own problems, and with the clock ticking on the time left for his career as a pop star, the president of Estudoh makes his move to finish Iori’s stardom with the announcement your engagement?!

If you’ve played his main story, you know that Iori isn’t the type to be over affectionate, and has a habit of teasing the MC mercilessly through manipulation or his words. However, in this route you start to see him slowly become more affectionate with the MC (though most of the time it’s to get something out of her lol), and really does value her as his girlfriend.

One thing that I really appreciate about Iori is that he doesn’t baby the MC. He might be mean and even harsh at times, but it’s so that she’ll learn to stand up by herself and be straightforward with what she wants and dedicate herself into getting it (although when it comes to their personal relationship it’s probably because he’s an S lol). Iori really pushes for her to be more confident in her own abilities and consistently pushes her forward, and because of this, the MC grows a lot in this route. However, he’s gentle with her when she needs him to be, and does a good job at reading her mood and what she needs from him at that time.

I enjoyed Iori’s sequel a lot more than his main story and Kyohei’s sequel. The pacing was done really well, and a lot of big issues were addressed and resolved it this story. I think Voltage was a bit misleading with the description they gave, since the engagement is something that comes up towards the end of the route. It answered the position the MC would have in Revance if Ryo returns, and her struggle between wanting to continue to write lyrics but chase after her dream of being a scriptwriter. However, I think Iori’s sequel did it a lot more elegantly than Kyohei’s; Iori doesn’t let the MC give up on herself, and the amount of support that he gave her amazed me since it wasn’t something I was expecting of him (it didn’t feel out of character for some reason though .___.) I think these two issues are something that are going to be addressed in all the season 1 sequels for the other characters as well.

I absolutely love how the MC and Iori continue to change and challenge each other, and become better people out of it. While Iori challenges the MC more professionally, the MC challenges him in his personal life, whether it’s dealing with past hurts with his first love or fixing the relationship he has with his father. Iori himself realizes how much he’s changed because of her, and isn’t shy to admit it; his straightforwardness was something that I appreciated a lot in this route, and I loved how just like the he told the MC not to give up on her dreams, she doesn’t let him give up on his.

If you were hesitant to give Iori’s sequel a try after his main story, I highly recommend that you do. I enjoyed it a lot, and he definitely grew on me as a character throughout the story. I actually think Iori and the MC are a better matched pair than Kyohei and the MC; however, that’s just my personal opinion after playing their respective sequels. We’ll see how it changes in season 2 ^w^ Happy playing!

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