[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Nozomu Fuse season 1 Sequel

TLSL Nozomu Fuse S1 sequel

Things are going well for the MC and Nozomu, when one day they get a surprise visit from his little sister! Misa dotes on her older brother, and disapproves of the MC’s presence at Fuse Investigations. The MC starts to feel as if she’s holding Nozomu back while she struggles with a human trafficking case and despairs over her lack of detective skills; however, things start to turn complicated when it turns out Misa’s stalker and the case turn out to be related.

I’m going to say right of the bat that this route was a disappointment for me.

I love Nozomu; he treasures the MC a lot, and shows that he loves her through little actions and his playfulness. However, one thing I didn’t like about him in this route was that he didn’t talk about his own feelings, and seemed more concerned about the MC’s and what she wanted to do. He feels responsible because of the age gap between them (I think), and tries to act more “mature” because of it. I think if he was a lot more honest with his feelings then a lot of conflicts between him and the MC could have been resolved early on in this route, but instead he just tries to be “understanding” through the entirety of it to the point where it frustrated me.

I also had a lot of problems with Misa. I tried to like her and be understanding of her situation; after all, Nozomu didn’t contact his family after he came back from Paris, so it’s been a while since she’s heard from him. However, I didn’t appreciate how she started to put down the MC the moment they met for no reason. Misa is an extremely independent person, but it’s to the point where she’d rather cause problems for everyone else than rely on other people or listen to their advice, even when she knows it’s the right thing to do. Later on you find out that she wasn’t completely honest with her situation before she came to Fuse Investigations, and the fact that she hid something that important from the team didn’t go well with me.

I also wished that the MC had been more resilient in this story. She’s quick to accept Misa’s words, and starts to doubt her place by Nozomu’s side early on in the story. This continues on for almost the entire route until she realizes what Nozomu’s intentions were when he tried to do things for her, and while I did sympathize with her for a bit, as the route progressed, I got more and more irritated with her. While she did feel comfortable enough to tell Nozomu how she felt about things in the beginning of the route, this slowly disappears as she starts to not be able to “understand” Nozomu, and I didn’t appreciate how she caused a wall build up between them.

This route probably could have gone better if there was more focus on the case rather than the MC feeling down about herself and her situation most of the time. I hesitate to recommend this route, even for Nozomu lovers. I enjoyed the sequel epilogue a lot more than the sequel itself, and hope that Nozomu’s season 2 routes make up for this one, as I was disappointed after his main story. Happy playing!

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