[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kota Igarashi season 1 Main Story

SITS Kota Igarashi S1 main story

The MC finds herself tasked with writing the lyrics to the theme song of Kota’s upcoming movie as her first job as Revance’s ghostwriter. As hard as she tries, she has a hard time understanding the theme of the movie: heartbreak. To help her understand the emotions of the characters, Kota agrees to occasionally read through the script with her. However, the more lines she reads with him, the more she starts to feel as if she’s reading the script of her own situation as she starts to fall for the unreachable actor.

Kota is the actor of Revance. He’s extremely talented, and constantly amazes his coworkers with how quickly he can memorize his lines and get in character. However, you quickly learn that apart from the privacy of Revance’s studio, Kota is almost always acting; he has his “popstar” side with Revance, his “actor” side while doing his acting jobs, and his “true” self only when he’s away from an audience and camera. When he’s being his “true” self, Kota has a sharp tongue that doesn’t hold back. However, he shows kindness in his own unique way; approach him too quickly though, and he’ll back away and start to act indifferent again. Nagito compares him to a cat, and I have to say that it’s an accurate description; Kota also reminds me a lot of Kaoru from OTBS, though a bit more tsundere towards the second half of the route.

While he seems indifferent at the studio, Kota is serious when it comes to his work as an actor, and this is something that gets proven over and over again throughout the story. He takes things into consideration that most people wouldn’t, and takes a lot of pride being a member of Revance (even though he doesn’t express it well).

The MC falls for Kota early on in the story; she has her “fantasies” with him from the first chapter, though it’s most likely because she gets to see Kota’s acting and her scriptwriter imagination can’t help it XD Kota is wary of the MC at first, but they start to get closer when they practice reading the script from Kota’s movie to help him get a better idea of what “love” is and to help her understand the character’s emotions to write lyrics for the theme song. I really liked how the script for the movie seemed to parallel their own situation as the story progressed.

I think the relationship development was written well, and enjoyed watching them grow closer. I honestly think that the MC and Kota are the best matched out of all the SITS characters released so far; it may have to do with the fact that she’s a scriptwriter and he’s an actor, but they understand(?) each other more compared to her relationship with Kyohei and Iori. There’s also less of a gap in equality between the two; Kota is a lot less overbearing with the MC, which was something I appreciated after Kyohei and Iori (not that I don’t love them too >///< )

One thing that I didn’t like was how the issue with the actress Mayu was solved. I think it was incredibly unfair to her, especially since she wasn’t as… err annoying as other rivals in other stories. I felt really bad for her in the end, and actually felt a bid angry towards Kota since she was the only one kept out of the loop concerning something that definitely played with her feelings for him.

I enjoyed this route a lot, and Kota is definitely my favorite character in SITS so far! I highly recommend you give this “feline boy” a chance, and if you enjoyed the main story, you’ll probably enjoy the epilogue as well (I know I did >w< ). Nagito was a heartbreaker in this route, and I can’t wait for his releases ; w ; I have a feeling either Kota or Nagito are going to be my favorites for this game (/w\) Happy playing!

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kota Igarashi season 1 Main Story

  1. Thank you for the review! You really helped make up my mind between Iori and Kota. I also love how simple your site is, without tons of Voltage guys littered around. Not that I mind them ^-^. Please carry on with this site I would love to know your opinion on their latest release “My wedding and seven rings”.


    • This site is only for reviews and walkthroughs so that might explain why XD (My tumblr is full of otomen and anime characters ; w ; )
      I already posted a review for Asahi’s main story! You can check out the Voltage Reviews page or search the tag “My Wedding and 7 Rings” ^w^


  2. Omg. Wow, I just played this route despite my earlier statement that i wasnt interested in it. And Yume you should have TOLD me how amazing the route is. Omigod by the end I was practically drowning in the feels. It was so sweet how Kota changed the ending of the movie because his feelings for the MC were so strong. EEEK! *fangirls*


      Kota is such a cutie! I also liked the ending; it was definitely a fangirl moment for me (I had to scream into my pillows a little and my rooommate give me a weird look lol)


      • Yaaaaay! Someone else to fangirl with Kota about lol! But actually i liked the Romantic Time ending better. Because Kota actually felt bad about what he did to Mayu. plus I loved the hotel scene where he told the MC he wouldn’t immediately push her into a …….uh……….”intimate relationship”. But anyways I feel like a alot more was covered. Aaaaand I have a hard time believing the crew would REALLY accept the MC as substitute in RL just because she looked like Mayu. Anyways I should’ve known I’d love Kota since he’s a tsundere. For some reason I always love tsunderes.


        • Every has a tsundere or two (or more lol) that they like XD It’s an archetype that Voltage loves to use with their characters, and I don’t think they’re going to stop any time soon lol


        • Yeah but i seem to like ALL tsunderes. Except maybe Iori.if voltage ever stops making tsunderes I’m seriously gonna die of sadness.


        • OH! i meant to ask you do you reccomed Kota’s sequel end set? I’d be embarassed to put that CG on my phone but I still think I want to see more of Kota


  3. I really enjoyed Kota’s route, at the end when he said ‘I’ll leave my world for yours’ I thought I was going to die! Haha, thanks so much for all your amazing reviews, I always read them before playing a characters route!


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