[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kota Igarashi season 1 Sequel

SITS Kota Igarashi S1 sequel

Half a year after the MC has joined Revance as their ghostwriter, Kota gets a role in an upcoming Hollywood film. Though she’s excited for the opportunity he got, she quickly realizes that the distance between LA and Tokyo was further than she thought. The MC tries not to bother Kota since he’s busy with his new role, but she can’t help but miss him and wish he would contact her more. Things seem to be going well with Kota’s movie when suddenly accidents occur on set one after the other?!

Kota is super affectionate in the beginning of the route. He’s a big cuddler, and it was absolutely adorable how he acts like a cat when he’s relaxing in bed with the MC (/w\) Compared to the previous route, Kota seemed a lot more tsundere (not that I’m complaining), but he’s definitely opened up to the MC a lot more and actually relies on her more than he lets on.

Communication is sparse during the time that Kota is in LA and the MC in Tokyo. The MC doesn’t want to contact him too often because she doesn’t want to bother him; personally, while I could understand where the MC was coming from, I couldn’t help but be a bit frustrated. Kota isn’t the type to want to talk through text or email, but she was so concerned over bothering and distracting Kota from his work that it felt like she forgot what kind of person her boyfriend actually was =__= Bless Nagito again, as he steps in and helps the two once again (I can’t wait for his route >w< )

I liked the plot a lot more once the MC and Revance go to LA for a photoshoot. The pacing of the route picks up from there, and the MC and Kota get a lot more time together. Like in the previous character sequels, this route focuses on Kota and the MC’s respective dreams, though there was a lot more emphasis on Kota’s in this story. While you got to see his drive and professionalism when it comes to acting in his main story, you really see him reach for his goal in this story, and I liked how he found strength in the MC’s support for him (/w\) I wish they had developed the MC’s wanting to pursue her own dream a bit more, but since it seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout all the sequels, I can understand why they wouldn’t place much emphasis on it.

Like the other sequels, the endings were a bit overdramatic and solved the MC’s wanting to write a screenplay in a bit overdramatic way. While I found the antagonist’s reasoning for doing the things they did a bit of a cop out for, overall I found the route enjoyable and fell even harder for Kota (/w\) I also highly recommend the end set! I thought Kota’s reactions in the end were absolutely adorable XD Hopefully you’ll fall for this “feline” boy even more! Happy playing!

3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kota Igarashi season 1 Sequel

  1. I love your reviews and always read them before I play a game to know if it’s worth the cost. It always is; out of curiosity, out of all the Scandal characters, which is your favorite to play?
    Once again, thanks for writing these reviews and walkthroughs 🙂


    • !!! Thank you so much! You have no idea how flattered I am right now (/w\) Thank you for coming back here and reading them! ^w^
      I’d have to say that Kota wins the spot for now. I’m still waiting for Nagito and Takashi’s routes, but Kota is so adorable so I’ve fallen for him pretty hard XD


  2. But still I was so annoyed how Nagito actually had to trick the two into skypeing with each other. I don’t think the MC is necessarily completely at fault either. i wish Kota would’ve reassured her more.


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