[REVIEW] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Koh Uraga season 2 sequel

DDIWT Koh Uraga S2

It’s been half a year since the MC and Koh have started dating, and with every passing day Koh shows how serious he is about their relationship. The MC is happy with how their relationship is going, when one day she starts to have suspicions that Koh is going to a certain club? Adding to the fire, her parents decide to come back to Tokyo for a visit, and a series of misunderstandings causes her father to refuse to give their relationship his blessing!

Koh has definitely opened up to the MC and the rest of the characters. He’s more affectionate with the MC, and I really liked how much closer they were compared to his main story. He’s much more expressive in this route; you’ll see his blushing and smiling sprites more often >w< I found myself liking him a lot more because it felt like I got to see more of his personality in this story. While he’s quiet and doesn’t always know how to interact with others well, he’s an earnest person who does his best when it comes to his relationship with the MC and his future goals.

One thing that stood out to me in this route is that while Koh really wants to push forward in the physical aspect of their relationship, he stops immediately when he sees that the MC is uncomfortable with it. After all the oresamas from SITS and SCM, this was a nice change of pace ^__^;; You really see how serious he is about their relationship because of this and the fact that he wants to meet her parents, something most guys his age don’t want to do (I know, this is a game lol). However, if I had to point out something that I didn’t like, it was that he still kept things from the MC. He wants to hurry and reach where he wants to be in life, but I don’t think that was a reason to keep his girlfriend in the dark about some important decisions that he made.

I loved the MC in this route. While she does have some suspicions when it comes to Koh in one point in the route, they weren’t unwarranted. I wish she had spent less time worry about what to do, but she does eventually take action. I really liked how she took charge when her parents got a bad first impression of Koh, and didn’t give up on trying to gain their approval, especially after finding out how much meeting her parents means for him.

I enjoyed this route a lot more than Koh’s main story, and if you wanted to give him another chance, then I would recommend that you do so. He’s surprisingly sweet, and I’m really hoping he gets a wedding route in season 3 because he deserves a new family ; w ; The story wasn’t incredibly well written, but I found myself rooting for the two the entire time. This story had more of a DDIWT-vibe that I didn’t get from his main story, and I hope you enjoy it if you decide to play! Happy playing!

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