[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Scorpio season 1 Sequel

SCM Scorpio S1 sequel

Despite his harsh words and possessiveness, Scorpo and the MC’s relationship is going well, and the MC is happy that she doesn’t have to stay separated with him. However, after a mistake visit to the heavens, the King is displeased with how Scorpio has changed, and marks the MC with the sin of corrupting a god. Every touch they share causes him pain and takes eats away at his godhood, and the only way to erase her mark having her help the other gods on earth lose their marks!

Scorpio still says mean things to the MC, but now he gets easily embarrassed as well >w< It’s adorable how happy he gets over the little things the MC does for him, and while he’s not always straightforward with his feelings, he shows that he cares for her in his own way (/w\) He’s extremely possessive of the MC (no surprise there lol), and his tsundere tendencies end up with him blushing a lot more in this route >w<

I think the plot and pacing for this route was done a lot better compared to Leon’s sequel. The MC gets marked early on in the story (unfortunately ; A ; ), and it was heartbreaking watching both her and Scorpioi having to deal with the repercussions of it. However, their inability to touch causes him to open himself to her a little more; he starts to feel insecure because he can’t read her emotions and thoughts anymore, and I think Voltage chose their punishment well because it helps bring them closer in ways that wouldn’t have been possible with Scorpio’s mindreading power (though it hurt a lot). The balcony scene absolutely broke me, and I wanted to throw my phone at the wall because at that point I just wanted the two to be happy together ; w ;

You get to see more of the King in this story, and he’s not as benevolent as he was in Leon’s routes. It was interesting to see the relationship the King and Scorpio had, especially since the King was directly responsible for making Scorpio into a god. I ended up liking his character less after I was done reading the story (even though he reminds me a lot of Thranduil ; w ; ), but he’s important figure in Scorpio’s life, and they seem to get a better understanding of each other in the end.

I found it interesting that sex wasn’t a big issue in this story. It felt more like a personal one, even though it’s still considered forbidden between a human and a god. I’m glad that Voltage didn’t decide to make a big deal of it though, since this theme would get old real fast if they decided to use it in every sequel =__=;;

If you liked Scorpio in his main story, you’ll definitely like him in his sequel as well. You’ll get to see more of his soft side, and his blushing sprite pops up quite a lot in the story (/w\) The entire time I was crying inside because I just wanted the two of them to be happy, and looking back at Leon’s sequel as well, I think all the SCM sequels are going to be sad ; A ; I hope you fall even more in love with this tsundere god even more after this story, and as always, happy playing!

23 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Scorpio season 1 Sequel

  1. Yeah. Seeing the King in this route was shocking because in Leon’s route he is portrayed as an extremely benevolent being who awarded the MC for saving the Heavens from Leon’s wrath by allowing the two of them to stay together.

    Though you do get a hint of him not being so benevolent in the Forbidden Ending.

    In Scorpio’s sequel he acts like a possessive route.


      • I was shocked by how different he was in this route at first, but seeing as how the other gods acted before interacting with the MC, I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise =___=;;


        • Considering that he is the King, I kind of expected better of him.

          Are ALL of the Gods like that towards humanity? I mean, out of the current set of love interests?


        • With the exception of Teorus and Huedhaut, who seem to have some sort of respect for humans, the other four gods seem to have the same mindset.


        • I think the prankster of the group likes humans. He doesn’t seem disdainful of humanity as he explains the whole goldfish and human concept to her.

          Dui seems nice enough, but he has a split personality. What do you think?


        • I haven’t heard enough of those two to say anything ^__^;; Ichthys does seem like he’s okay, but I don’t think I’ve seen enough of him to be able to judge his character that well… Dui’s “nice” side seems to do well with humans, but I wonder about his other side lol


        • His other half is considered cynical and insane. I don’t think so.

          My version of the MC won’t put up with that kind of behaviour. In fact, when she gets rescued by Leon and he tries to enslave her, she tells him to just toss her off the building again if that’s the price she has to pay. She actually does walk toward the railing but Hue and Ichthys convince her not to do that.

          And the arguments. Tons and tons of arguments between her, Leon, and Scorpio. It’s a wonder that the mansion hasn’t burned down yet.


        • Me too!

          Btw, what erased Scorpio’s sin? What did he do? I know Leon had to accept love, but not so sure about Scorpio.


        • Ahhh I’d rather not say here since there are people who read comments and it’s a pretty big spoiler ^___^;; It has a lot to do with his past though.


        • It’s nothing too big. I’d rather not give the specifics but it has to do with accepting his past and changing how he views humans. You should play the route if you’re interested! If not, I’m sure you can find a summary somewhere online. I know the tumblr user kajimayuta posts summmaries (she goes by partheno right now though)


  2. Hey. So I’m a bit confused. Your saying they dont have sex? I saw the Forbidden end CG and i just assumed they had sex. Also in your review for Teorus’s sequel u didnt mention whether they did or didnt. But based on the blessed end CG I’m going to assume that they do.


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