A quick update because Voltage is dumb

That’s right, you read it right. I thought it was weird that there was so little updates for the second half of March, and when I checked their catalogue for the first half of April this morning, I wanted to throw my phone at the wall (you think I’m kidding but I’m not).

There’s a ton of releases for April, and while it’s a good thing for some, it’s not for me since I get everything and have to write reviews for them all ; w ; There’s scheduled to be 13 long routes (main stories/sequels), and out of those 13, I’ll be writing reviews for 11 of them. I’m expecting Asahi’s and maybe even Yamato’s releases for My Wedding and 7 Rings as well, so make those numbers 15 and 13 respectively. So in the next two weeks, look out for the following on here:

  • OTBS – Tsumugu season 1 sequel
  • OTBS – Chiaki season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!
  • SCM – Teorus season 1 main story
  • KBTBB – Eisuke season 2 Twist of Fate
  • FILA – Yuto season 1 sequel
  • FILA – Aki season 2 Proposal (they haven’t stated what it would be called yet)
  • MSB – Goto wedding sequel
  • DDIWT – Rei season 2 main story and sequel
  • MFW – Akito season 2 main story
  • FLD – Mitsuru season 2 senior year
  • SITS – Nagito season 1 main story (and possibly sequel)
  • MWA7R – Asahi season 1 main story (and possibly sequel)
  • MWA7R – Yamato season 1 main story (possible release)

As you can see, that’s a lot of stories being released *sweats nervously*

I’m probably going to have to put off catching up with EITM and MPDCTY because I want to replay Yamato and Ren’s routes in MFW and post reviews/walkthroughs for those first before playing their routes in MWA7R. The worst thing Voltage could do to me right now is start releasing EITM season 2 routes so I’m forever behind =___=

If you want to see the full list of releases, you can check the post I made here, or you can view Voltage’s catalogue here. The catalogue was made to be viewed on phones, so I don’t know how nice it’ll look on your computer screen =___=;;

I hope you guys have a great day! I’m going to go back to wishing that Voltage had a more consistent release schedule and stressing over how I’m going to find the time to write all these reviews/walkthroughs *stressing intensifies* (darn you, Voltage)

18 thoughts on “A quick update because Voltage is dumb

    • I’m excited for Akito and Mitsuru too! (/w\)
      I haven’t put up any LLFTX reviews, and I don’t want to play season 2 routes before playing season 1, so the twins and Yuki will have to wait a while for me ; w ; I can still stare at their CGs on my phone though XD


      • I have such a huge soft spot for Tiaga! He is just so adorkable and cute, I seriously can’t stand it. I honestly liked Tiaga more than most of the Foxes so I’m really looking forward to his sequel. Hyosuke was okay too, but Tiaga though.

        I really liked Yuki as well. Though, I will say sometimes he feels a bit too perfect.


        • I really want to play LLFTX, but with the constant barrage of Voltage updates and school, I can’t seem to find the time ; A ; Maybe over summer break *sigh*


  1. I always get confused at Voltage games. I don’t typically play mobile otome games, so whenever I see the English releases of these games and the ones that are all related to each other I get so confused! To be honest after a while everything starts blurring together and all the characters start looking the same to me XD but this is coming from someone who has no idea what’s going on haha. I would like to get into those games though… they would be fun to play if I’m on campus or on the bus!

    Do you have any you recommend? I feel like there are so many… where to begin?! orz


    • Hi there! I’m glad that you’re interested in playing these games (as you can tell, I love them a lot ^w^)

      There are a lot of different games that Voltage has, and with the variety, I think there’s something for everyone. I’m not sure what you want from a game, but if you aren’t looking for anything specific, I’ll link you to an ask I received on tumblr asking the same thing XD You can find it here

      If there are specific themes that you want to play, feel free to ask! I’ll happily try to point you to the right game ^w^


      • Fufu yes I think you’re one of the only bloggers I follow that does a lot of Voltage games~ ^^ I’m more of a PC/Vita/PSP otome gamer so I’m always behind on the mobile game news ;; (never mind the fact that I’m usually behind with the releases from Japan… orz|||)
        wwww oohh very nice! Thank you very much for the link~ I don’t know what types of Voltage themes there are tbh. I’m pretty open to anything though fufu although I guess tsunderes (andyanderescoughing) are my favorite types www so I guess if you know any Voltage characters like that point them my way? xDDD
        Other than that though I’ll def check out that Tumblr link of yours :3 thanks so much~ ^q^ hooray more otome games to throw my money at!


        • I want to get into more Vita otome games, but unfortunately I don’t speak Japanese and none of them are translated ; A ;

          Rather than themes, I would say each Voltage game is based around a “situation”. Like for My Forged Wedding, the MC is in a fake marriage with a stranger, and in First Love Diaries, the MC in a high school student experiencing her first relationship. Voltage provides a general description on each other app pages (though those aren’t always the best lol).

          Voltage doesn’t have any yandere characters in their games, but there are a lot of tsunderes XD A few that I can list right now are (Keith, Glenn, and Joshua from Be My Princess), (Ichigo from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo), (Takuto from Love Letter from Thief X), (Tennoji from Metro PD: Close to You), (Yamato and Akito from My Forged Wedding), (Minato from Our Two Bedroom Story), (Kota from Scandal in the Spotlight), (Scorpio from Star-Crossed Myth). I separated the list by game so it’s easier to read ^___^;; Hopefully this helps!


        • Ahahaha yeah the Vita games coming out are really beautiful, but yeah none of them are translated. Hopefully though in the future they will be! Sobs if they ever translated KgK for V I’d probably die and buy the copy even though I already bought the Skit Dolce copy from rejet LOL 8’D;;;; take all my money rejet! There are a lot of great Otomate games though and since Hakuouki did well I could see maybe an otoge for Vita coming to the States? Hopefully!! Cross our fingers, right? wwww
          And I see. Yeah I wasn’t too sure how the games worked, I mean I knew there was the situation concept but I guess I didn’t really know where else to go from there wwww
          AND WOO tsunderes are fantastic ahahaha they’re definitely one of my favorite characters! And thanks, I’ll take a look at those! Star-Crossed Myth sounds cute already. I would be all over Leo (my own sign fufu) ^qqqqq^


        • Leon is more of an oresama, and I really hated the beginning of his route. But his character development was done well, as was his relationship with the MC ^w^ You can check out my reviews if you want a more in-depth analysis of the routes!

          I really want a lot of Otomate, Rejet, and Honeybee games translated ; w ; Otomate seems to be testing out what the interest for other games are, so hopefully translations will be released in the near future! *crosses fingers*


        • Fufufu I don’t mind the oresama type, in fact I kind of like those types xD but sometimes they do get on my nerves www but if there’s character development, then knowing that would definitely make me stick through the route. ^q^ In the end, I want to see a character and their relationship develop, that’s the best part of playing a VN sometimes I think. wwww
          And yeah, I wish someone would pick up rejet’s games and get a contract with them or something. I seriously love their games, and I feel like they’d do well outside of Japan. Otomate seems to be the only ones who are doing so, and they seem to be relying on popular titles (Hakuouki coughs) but hopefully we’ll see more stuff in the future! As for honeybee, they aren’t exactly known for their stellar storytelling (stares angrily at re:birthday song) but Ayakashi Gohan was really good! As of right now, I think we’ll probably only see games from Otomate, and that’s not even that much of a given. :'((((


        • Lately Voltage has been releasing a lot of oresamas, so you’re in luck XD

          I just hope some company starts translating them. If not, I guess the only alternative is for me to learn Japanese *sigh*


        • XD wooo oresamaaaas! Ahahaha~ Luckily for me Voltage also has lots of tsunderes www so I guess this means I have plenty to choose from? Goodbye money LOL
          Ahahaha! Yeah, learning Japanese is a bit rough. I suppose I find it easy but I already read/write Chinese so… I kind of have an advantage… ^^;;;;


        • Kanji was the big reason I gave up on it in high school. The grammar is somewhat similar to Korean, so I guess it helps since I speak it somewhat fluently, but kanji is going to ruin me once I pick up Japanese again XD


        • Yeah the grammar in Japanese is really similar to Korean which is nice. Chinese doesn’t really have tenses and stuff like that so that’s where the two definitely differ http://www…. Kanji is where I excel actually xD I struggled for a while with kana until I figured out how they were simplified down into the way they were xDDDD
          Kanji is easy as long as you really seriously study radicals www! Radicals radicals radicals //gets bricked!! Fufufu once you get radicals kanji becomes much easier to remember. :3


  2. Hi. I just wanted to say that I really like your reviews. Whenever I have a dbout about a route I find that reading your reviews really help me decide whether I should buy the routes or not. So please don’t stress too much. You’re an awesome writer and I look forward to all the stories you plan on reviewing.


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