My Wedding and 7 Rings: Initial Thoughts

MWA7R opening image

After the success of My Forged Wedding, why wouldn’t Voltage try to make more money off the concept that their top moneymaker was based on? Like My Forged Wedding, My Wedding and 7 Rings is based on the situation of being in a “fake” marriage and ending up with genuine feelings for one another in the end. However, unlike MFW, where the MC and the male leads try their best not fall for each other, MWA7R takes the situation and twists it so that the goal is for the two to develop genuine and long-lasting feelings for each other.

Like with Her Love in the Force, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the game. I was looking forward to it (especially since I love MFW to pieces), but I little knowledge of it beyond the fake marriage situation. However, with the new direction Voltage seems to be taking their games, I had a general idea of what the character selection would look like and expected the game to be more “mature” when it came to the romance.

MWA7R has the same romance meter HLITF has, and even includes secret stories. However, the main story isn’t split into two parts, and I honestly prefer it this way. It wasn’t difficult to reach the best ending since there was 13 chapters (vs 10 in HLITF). I also bought the secret story set, since there are 5 instead of 3 in this game, and it felt like it was worth the price. All together, they’re around or maybe even a bit longer than the end set stories in some of the more recent games, and are told from the male lead’s point of view. The option to get them all through choices made in the story instead of just buying them was nice too (even though I ended up just buying them).

I love the music in the game. Although a few songs from MFW are reused, the new songs fit the game well. I especially like the jazzy song that was included in the PV for the game >w< The art style is similar to the art style found in the later MFW routes and the MFW gree game, and since I love that art style, I certainly wasn’t complaining ^w^ Like in Scandal in the Spotlight, the CGs are a mix of horizontal and vertical ones.

I found interesting that Yamato and Ren are the MC’s high school friends, and she’s even acquainted with the LI gang from MFW since she worked there in her college days. It was a nice nod to the original game, and if you play Asahi’s route, I was surprised with Kuni’s current situation in the game (it’s not anything bad; he’s extremely happy with his life ^w^). I personally loved the relationship the MC has with Yamato and Ren; they’re obviously close friends, and she even views them as older brothers (they’re both two years older than her). I’m interested in how their routes will develop, since neither of them are after the position of CEO and join the program only to “protect” her from the other Special Executives who only want to marry her for personal gains. Yamato is nicer in this game (though he does still tease the MC), and Ren is a lot more open and expressive compared to his MFW counterpart.

I think that Seiichirou was a bit too manipulative with how he got the MC to sign the paperwork. However, I honestly don’t think the initial situation in MWA7R isn’t that different from MFW; while the scale is different (the bankruptcy of an entire company in MWA7R vs the MC not finding a job in MFW), it really comes down to the MC being coerced into a fake marriage. The MC had a choice, just like she did in MFW. However, instead of just her own career, the MWA7R MC has to worry about the careers of an entire company’s worth of people and the possibility of going personally bankrupt, so I do acknowledge that she had less of a choice than the MFW MC.

I’ve seen some complaints saying that the MC is “stupid” for signing the paperwork without questioning what it was for. However, this isn’t true; the MC didn’t sign the paperwork without reservations. Realize that she tried to read the paperwork, but Seiichirou stopped her saying that they didn’t have the time in front of the entire company for her to do so. She probably wasn’t expecting anything out of place because she didn’t know she was related to the company’s CEO, and it’s reasonable for her to trust the higher-ups in her company, especially someone as high up as Seiichirou.

I’ve also seen some people saying that the situation of this game is unrealistic and that they wouldn’t play it because they could never fall in love with character that are after the MC just for the status she can give them. It’s important to keep in mind that this a game. And if we’re going to compare situations where the MC is in a less than desirable circumstances, I’m going to have to mention Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, where the MC falls in love with a man who bought her (even if it was to just keep an eye on her and save her from being sold to someone else with worse intentions). The guys in MFW basically use the MC as well. Like I said, the scale is different, but in my view, the basic situation is the same.

I personally think that it’s too early to judge the game since Asahi’s route is the only one released so far, and I want to try a few more routes before making a final verdict. However, I’m interested in what the future routes have to offer, and while I’m sad that Yamato’s route is being skipped (He and Akito are my top favorites in MFW), I can’t wait for Junta’s route to be released. The overall situation of the game is something that I think I’ll enjoy, and I’m hoping Voltage doesn’t do a terrible job at writing in this game. Asahi’s main story was written well, but personally it didn’t stand out to me since it follows a lot of things that you’ll find in other “oresama” character routes as well. So far, it seems as if every long route is going to  “ring” for the Marriage Program, and I can’t wait to see how the relationships will develop in every one (especially in the secret last ring). Overall, I think that this game is worth giving a try, whether you’re interested in playing Asahi’s main story right now or waiting for future characters. The release schedule for this story seems to be a bit slow, since Seiichirou’s main stroy hasn’t even been released yet in Japan, but hopefully Voltage picks up the pace so we can get more routes translated and brought over. Happy playing!

10 thoughts on “My Wedding and 7 Rings: Initial Thoughts

  1. I’m planning on playing all the other routes, but Asahi’s doesn’t strike me as that interesting based on the first chapter so I think I’m skipping him; especially after reading your review. I am excited for the game in general, but I was a little disappointed that he was the first since he’s by far the one I was least excited about (possibly due to his awful suit…?).


    • Asahi’s suit is errr different XD
      If you like oresama characters, then you’ll probably like him as well, but honestly there isn’t much about his route that makes it stand out a lot, though it is enjoyable =___=;;


      • I seriously don’t know if I can take prolonged exposure to that suit… it really does remind me of, “I wear your granddad’s clothes. I look incredible”. I haven’t had this bad a reaction to any other voltage character’s fashion sense, but it just BOTHERS me.

        I don’t have a very strong opinion on oresama characters… I enjoy them, but they’re typically not the ones I’ll replay multiple times or the characters I’d ever call my favorite in a game.

        Maybe the suit will grow on me in the other routes and I’ll pick it up again, but until then I’m anxiously waiting for Junta (and Yamato… skipping Yamato is slightly heartbreaking.)


        • Ahhh I’m also heartbroken that they decided to skip Yamato (since he’s one of my top favorites in MFW) but I’m also really looking forward to Junta’s route as well. It’s a mixed bag of feelings ; w ;


  2. To be honest, the men of MYA7R aren’t as appealing to me as MFW since they were less approachable as I hoped they would be.
    In MYA7R’s premise, I’m glad Yamato and Ren were in it. I’ld definitely go for Yamato because of how he involved himself just to protect the MC. That’s really sweet and awesome of him! I’m sure Yamato’s worth the wait 😀


    • It seems to be a pattern to have less approachable guys in the newer games ; w ;
      Yamato is one of my favorite characters from MFW, so I can’t wait for his route to be released in MWA7R! (/w\)


  3. I haven’t followed a Voltage game from launch before. The fact that the game is about choosing a guy & a path and there only being ONE option is perplexing.
    I do like the more mature storyline/PC direction. And the basic premise seems to make a little more sense than MFW. But the guys. Ugh. In MFW they are all so likable. In this one I am extremely glad of the familiar faces of Yamato & Ren who are friends with the MC and only participate to protect her. If all options were open it would make me wonder why anyone would pick a character other than one of your best friends. Probably why they will save them for last *sigh*. Still, I am extremely happy to have an entirely new set of storylines in the future with my beloved Ren 😘


    • Voltage games usually take a while to release the rest of the characters. They usually release one or two characters in the beginning, and it takes around three months to half a year for all the characters to be available (though they did really speed things up with SITS).
      I love Yamato a lot, and I’m super happy that Voltage decided to keep him in for MWA7R. I’m sure you feel the same about Ren ^w^ Voltage seems to have a set of character tropes that they like to reuse over and over, and it’s probably because they’re the more popular types and it makes them the most money. I do wish they’d release a more variety though =___=;;


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