[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Asahi Kakyouin season 1 Main Story

MWA7R Asahi Kakyouin season 1 main story

Caught in a contract that states she has to be married within the next year, the MC unwillingly chooses to participate in the Marriage Program with Asahi, her boss from the Lifestyle Products Group. Determined not to be involved in a loveless marriage, the MC feels helpless in her current situation. However, the more time she spends with Asahi in their “newlywed” life, the more her feelings for him change as she sees new sides of him beyond the capable boss at work.

Arrogant and manipulative, Asahi is on the fast-track up the corporate ladder in Sanno Corporation with his position as the top dog at the Lifestyle Products Group despite his young age. While he doesn’t bother accommodating others with his overbearing attitude, he’s quick to put on a smile when it comes to business, and easily manipulates situations to his favor with his acting, even easily telling lies when he needs to. His aggressive business strategies give him a somewhat infamous reputation in the company, but his capability doesn’t come as naturally as he would have people think it does; he’s a hard worker, and puts in a lot of effort to make sure he gets the results that he wants.

I found in interesting that in MFW, the MC has to try and not fall in love, but it’s the opposite situation in MWA7R. Asahi and the MC don’t have the best first impressions of each other, and neither can imagine really falling in love with the other. For Asahi, she’s just a valuable pawn he can use, and the MC is put off by his pushy attitude and mean words. Asahi is genuinely shocked that the MC isn’t accepting his advances since he’s never had a girl reject him before XD However, as they spend more time together and learn more about each other’s past, they both realize that there’s more to the other than they thought, and slowly fall for each other.

While I can see a lot of people potentially not liking the MC (she tends to get flustered over Asahi’s looks a lot), I personally liked her. She doesn’t take Asahi’s words quietly, and fights back. She influences Asahi’s outlook on a lot of things in this route, but most importantly, she changes his view that “money and power are all that matter,” getting a man who’s pride meant everything to realize that those things pale in comparison to staying with the person you love. This is important after you learn about his backstory, and I honestly didn’t think he would be in the situation he was, especially due to his confident demeanor; however, he’s human like everyone else, and has insecurities that he doesn’t show to others because he’s used to being alone. The MC’s inability to leave people who need help alone is what gets him to slowly open up to her, and her actions slowly change even his ruthless way of approaching business, making him more willing to see things from other people’s perspectives.

Asahi isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like oresamas, then I absolutely wouldn’t recommend this route for you. Asahi reminds me a lot of Eisuke and Leon; if you like these characters, then you’ll probably like Asahi as well. While I was screaming “RUDE” at the screen for a good part of the beginning, he (surprisingly) grew on me in the end, and I enjoyed the epilogue a lot. I bought the secret stories since I didn’t get all of them, and I liked them since they were told from his perspective, and you can see the beginnings of him falling for the MC ^w^ Happy playing!

13 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Asahi Kakyouin season 1 Main Story

  1. Thank you once again for the review yume 🙂
    After reading your review about this guy this is making me want to go and buy his route. I mean if you say that he is similar to eisuke (who is my favorite) then that mean he not all that bad of a person. Sure Asahi is a huge jerk but someone once told me that even the coldest of guys (for example eisuke) have a soft side to them you just have to look for it. Which is true when looking back a season 1 of eisuke main story-sequel stories who was a huge jerk and cared nothing about the MC to season 2 where even though he is personality is still the same, you can see how he starting to slowly open up more and his friends are notice that (since they can tell how much the MC had been a huge change in his life and how much he loves her). Anyway I think that is enough for now and I hope to see you soon XD
    p,s. I just read a summery review for luke for kissed by the biggest bidder and all I can say that you WILL enjoy his route a lot and look forward for when it come out XD
    Also I just found out that they are working on a season 3 which I wounder what it will be about? I mean for example in eisuke season 2 main route they mention a bit about is father and I wounder if we will be seeing his soon. Hmm…
    I have to go to sleep now and sorry for the long comment.
    Bye for now 🙂


    • I hope you enjoy Asahi’s route! ^w^
      And thank you for letting me know about Luke! I’m super excited for his route, and now I can’t wait even more (/w\) I also noticed the announcement for season 3 in the JP app, and I’m curious about it as well, especially since it’s the last season for the game ; w ;


    • I did too ; A ; He definitely was hard to like in the first few chapters though… I can’t wait to play his sequel so I can see how much more he’ll change ^w^


  2. This guy had me squealing into a lot of pillows in this route which isn’t fair because oresamas almost never make me squeal into pillows. I love the MC’s sass


    • I also like her spunk! I’m glad that Asahi appealed to you even though he isn’t a character trope you usually like. It’s nice to be surprised like that time to time >w<


    • Since you mentioned a dramatic and romantic end I’m assuming you’re talking about Scandal in the Spotlight? If so, I’d definitely recommend Nagito; his main story was my favorite and was written extremely well. I hope this helps! ^w^


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