[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Teorus season 1 Main Story

SCM Teorus S1 main story

After being saved from her fall by Teorus, the princely ruler of Taurus, the MC finds herself at the presence of the gods, all of them demanding to have her remove their marks of sin. She finds herself spending more time with the childish god who saved her, and slowly grows closer to him while learning more about the kindness behind his smile. However, the naïve “perfect prince” of the heavens has a twisted view in love, and the MC starts to see a lonely side of him that he himself doesn’t seem to realize.

A member of the Department of Wishes, Teorus is extremely childlike. His curiosity towards everything on Earth and hopelessness when it comes to directions adds to his image of naivety; however, his seemingly childish demands for attention and love from women hide a darker and lonelier side to him that he himself doesn’t seem to realize. Teorus is a natural when it comes to flirting, easily saying and doing “romantic” things, and he tends to grant the wishes of women over men when it comes to his job XD He takes granting wishes seriously though, and he genuinely delights in seeing the happy faces of those he grants wishes for >w<

Teorus is one of the more approachable gods, and I appreciated this after Leon and Scorpio (not that I don’t love them). His approachability helped a lot in establishing a positive relationship with the MC, though it wasn’t romantic from the start. Teorus has a twisted view in love, and craves it though he won’t truly return it to the people who give it to him. Reading his POV sub story helps you gain a lot of insight on how he views love, and how that affected his interactions with the MC. Teorus honestly doesn’t think that his view on love is wrong; you find out early on in the route that his father is the cause of his skewed definition of “love,” and since he’s only seen love in a certain way his whole life, he’s convinced that it’s better to love and be loved by many than having one person and being dedicated to them.

The MC tries her best to help Teorus understand what love really is, but doesn’t push it on to him. Their relationship develops slowly from “friendship” to love as learn more about each other from the time that they spend together. Like a child, he doesn’t know how to deal with the changes that are happening to him, and this causes misunderstandings between him and the MC. I liked the blessed ending more than the forbidden ending, but both are sweet in their own way in how they resolved the issue of Teorus’s mark and the love between him and the MC.

If you liked younger characters that act it, then you’ll enjoy Teorus’s route. He’s more childish than most the younger characters in Voltage games usually are, and personally I saw him more of a younger brother than a love interest for a good part of the story. Teorus is absolutely adorable, and I enjoyed learning more about his character (he likes dairy products. How cuter can you get?? >///< ). I would only recommend the special set if you really love his character, as it seems a bit overpriced at $2.99 USD. Once again, I highly encourage you read his POV sub story if you decide to get his main story because it fleshes out Teorus’s character a lot more. I would recommend the epilogue, but it was painful for me since there was an NPC in it that I ended up falling hard for (but he’s probably not going to get a route ; A ; ). If you have eyes only for Teorus then you should be fine XD Happy playing!

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