[WALKTHROUGH] Finally, in Love Again: Yuto Tsuruya season 1 Sequel

FILA Yuto Tsuruya S1 sequel

Chapter 1

  • “That’d be so embarrassing.”
  • .”Me too!”

Chapter 2

  • “Go ahead.”
  • “Yeah, it looks great on you.”

Chapter 3

  • Yuto
  • “Maybe just a little bit…”

Chapter 4

  • “I said I was proud to have you as my boyfriend.”
  • (Let him embrace you.)

Chapter 5

  • “Do you still have a fever?”
  • “Yuto, say something!”

Chapter 6

  • “There’s no need to worry.”
  • “I agree with Yuto.”

Chapter 7

  • “Maybe I’ll take your offer.”
  • “Open up.”

 FILA ending

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