[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 2 Main Story

MFW Akito Kakiuchi S2

Though they bicker at times, the MC and Akito are happy in love and work. However, one day Akito is suddenly asked to take care of his younger cousin! Ami is outgoing and tomboyish, and livens up things in their home, making Akito and the MC wonder what life would be like if they have children in the future. Things seem to be going well on the surface, but the MC starts to hear rumors of Akito’s spa not doing well. Though she wants to support him, he refuses to tell her anything, saying everything is all right.

Akito hasn’t changed much from his sequel, though he seems a bit more affectionate in this route (/w\) He still teases her a lot, and sulks and gets jealous often when the MC doesn’t reciprocate his lovey-dovey actions XD Though he won’t hesitate to help the MC out when she needs it, Akito is reluctant to let her do the same for him, causing problems in their relationship when they don’t see eye to eye for important matters that the MC thinks she should be able to help him with.

It was nice to see Akito act like a “father” with Ami, and he mentions marriage and being a family a lot >///< Ami is absolutely adorable, and having her in their household definitely brought out the best and the worst in Akito and the MC’s relationship. It really opens their eyes as to what it means to support one another, and Akito definitely learns to lean more on the MC instead of trying to deal with things on his own. Old habits die hard, and Akito’s used to trying to act “cool” in front of the MC ever since they were kids, and he’s still the same now, not wanting to worry her with “unnecessary” things. He wants to be reliable and support her, but doesn’t realize that pushing her away from his problems isn’t the way to do it. This route builds upon the theme of communication from Akito’s sequel, and they definitely get closer after their trial run as a “family” with Ami ^w^

I was looking forward to this route a lot, and wasn’t disappointed. Though Akito frustrated me at times with how narrow minded he was, he definitely learns and opens up more by the end. It struck me how well matched Akito and the MC were in this route; though they argue at times, they always get closer after every argument and learn from it. I’m a huge fan of childhood loves, and this route reminded me why >///<

I highly recommend this route if you liked Akito in season 1! I also recommend the epilogue as well. It was adorable (especially the end), and I loved seeing Akito and the MC’s family interact with each other. I really ship Akito’s sister and the MC’s brother with each other, and if you read the happy end, you see that they sense something going between them too XD Once again, happy playing!

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