[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Junta Nikaido season 1 Main Story


After choosing to live with Junta, the MC is surprised to find that they have more in common than she thought they would. She slowly finds herself enjoying time with him, and maybe even falling in love?! However, the more time she spends with him, she more she senses that there’s a darker side of him behind his disarming smile. Though she wants to trust in him, one thing after another waters the seed of doubt in her heart, and slowly she discovers the groundwork of the trap he’s set for her!

Junta is the youngest of the Special Executives, but doesn’t let his age get in the way as the head of the New Businesses Group. Though there are rumors that he uses backhanded methods, he always leads the company into success with his ambitious projects. A perfect gentleman, he comes off at upbeat and outgoing at first glance, and does a good job as a mood maker and disarms people with his smile. He’s also extremely good at manipulation, and uses it to influence people into doing what he wants. While he’s quick to gain people’s trust, he’s reluctant to give it away, and always changes the subject when it gets too close to something he doesn’t want to talk about.

Junta and the MC get along really well in the beginning, though the MC is a bit hesitant to open up to him. Though he’s a pushy at times, he does a good job of helping her feel more comfortable around him, and it works; the MC opens up to Junta a lot earlier than in Asahi’s route. I had my suspicions as to why they seemed to have so many things in common, and unfortunately they proved to be right ; A ; The plot had a lot going on and felt well written until towards the end, where it felt a bit rushed and out of nowhere; my biggest complaint with this story is that none of the subplots felt fully resolved by the end.

The relationship development between Junta and the MC was well written for the most part, but I didn’t see a lot of it from Junta’s side. I’m hoping that Voltage releases a POV sub story for him since there are a small periods of separation in this route and I’m curious as to what he was thinking during them. I absolutely loved the MC in this route. Though she was a bit helpless at times, her big heart and willingness to trust peope is what gets Junta to open up and change his lifestyle. I wasn’t a big fan of Nana, mostly because she didn’t add a lot to the plot until the end, and it felt a bit forced.

Junta was one of the characters that I was looking forward to playing in MWA7R, and he certainly didn’t disappoint! He reminded me a lot of Chiaki from OTBS, and it definitely didn’t help in the feels factor ; w ; I recommend this route if you like seemingly easygoing characters with a complex past and personality. If you do end up getting this route and enjoy it, I also recommend the secret stories and the epilogue. Junta is definitely on my favorites list, and I can’t wait to see how he’ll change and grow as a character in his sequel. Happy playing!

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Junta Nikaido season 1 Main Story

  1. Thanks for another stunning review! Thanks to this positive review, I bought Junta and I loved him. I hope the sequel reveals more about his personality. I’m curious to know, but when you play the epilogue, does the CG appear in the last episode? Or is it a dark screen where the CG should be? Because while I was reading the episode, the screen went dark with Junta playing the part of a prince, but there was no CG until after I completed the epilogue….


  2. I usually agree with your reviews, but I was disappointed with this route. I think I was mainly frustrated with how much better it could have been; The end felt rushed and the story itself was a little all over the place, especially with Nana, his mother, and honeytrapping. I know they were all related, but none of it seemed to fit in together and it ended up feeling disjointed. I think it would have been much better if they had picked on element and stuck with it rather than shove it all in the last half of the route. I generally end up liking all kinds of characters, but Junta felt stale. I didn’t get the same feel from him as I did from Chiaki, who I like a lot.

    I do feel like he could be redeemed with a sequel, but this route didn’t make me excited to see it… I probably need Yamato’s route released to make me feel better about MW7R in general; so far I’m super underwhelmed and a little bummed since I was looking forward to this app.


    • I agree with the ending feeling rushed, and I wasn’t a big fan of Nana and his mother, especially since it felt like Nana didn’t add anything to the story and it felt a bit too early for Junta’s mother to make an appearance. It would have helped if she made an appearance later on in a different rotue. However, in my opinion I think that with the except of these elements, the rest of the story was handled well.

      Chiaki didn’t really grow on me until his sequel, and I may have seen a lot of him in Junta, which in turn may have made me feel more positive about this route. I’m also upset that Yamato was skipped over (he’s my favorite in MFW), but at the same time, I’m glad that Junta was released because he’s a new character. I’m worried that Yamato’s story isn’t going to well for me since I have high expectations for it due to his MFW route.

      On a side note, I’ve seen people hate Junta for no reason other than the fact that Yamato was skipped over for his release ; A ; I hope people look past that and judge his route as his own without that disappointment. I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did D: Hopefully Yamato’s route will be more enjoyable for you! ^w^ Personally, I’m dying a little because I really want to play Seiichirou’s route but he was just released in the JP app so it’ll be a long while until we get a translation *sigh*


      • Thank you so much for the review. It changed my mind and helped me to decide to give Junta a chance. I really like him; his story was so said and his motives behind the things he did made so much sense once I understood his backstory. He was actually very sweet and began falling for the MC early on, despite all the times he brushed off the MC. I loved his ambition and his yearning to change the methods behind his business transactions after experiencing the MC’s kindness. I wish that they had saved his mother for the sequel though. It could’ve been interesting with her coming back into his life slowly, along with the *spoiler* loansharks that needed 10,000 from her. Could’ve had that typical Voltage flair. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Nana subplot either. Also, something that confused me when I played both Junta and Asahi was why the MC chose them. I wish they’d had a little inner monologue behind the MC’s choice. I can understand Asahi to some point- he’s the head of her department. But when someone has two hot, best friends who have been with you through thick in thin and have promised to protect you from a confusing situation (i.e. Yamato and Ren), how can you chose two random guys who are clearly playing you for the title of CEO? I think that playing Junta’s POV really helped me understand him better. I just wish they hadn’t thrown both the mother and Nana at the MC. I wouldn’t have minded either one of them, just not both in one 13 episode story.


        • Ahhh I agree with the mother part. I find myself comparing Junta to Chiaki a lot, and his mother didn’t even make a major appearance until his season 2 routes. Putting her in the main story was a bit overkill and didn’t help with the pacing of the plot =___=;; Hopefully they expand on his relationship with her in his sequel! I’m really glad you liked Junta. He needs that love ; w ;


    • I’m with Julia on this, and I adore all of your review which I tend to agree with 99.7% of the time. You are definetly my go to when deciding to play a route or not.


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