[WALKTHROUGH] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Junta Nikaido season 1 Main Story


Chapter 1

  • “Hmm… I like this set.”
  • “I guess that’s how we look to people.”

Chapter 2

  • (Wait, ‘foiled’!?)
  • “It’s because you’re staring at me…!”

Chapter 3

  • “You rare really too kind, Junta…”
  • “… You were worried about me?”

Chapter 4

  • (Why is he just staring at me like that?…?)
  • “I’m glad I can be a little help at least.”

Chapter 5

  • “I just forgot to take my pajamas.”
  • “……Are you all right?”

Chapter 6

  • (Why is he even in the Marriage Program?)
  • “You should have just gone to bed.”

Chapter 7

  • “It just sounded like your voice.”
  • “Eating by myself is kind of…”

Chapter 8

  • Junta
  • “Thank you.”

Chapter 9

  • Stare right back at him
  • “I’ll make it.”

Chapter 10

  • “Mild? Ha ha ha!”
  • Tell him honestly that he’s bad

Chapter 11

  • “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.”
  • Step out of the room

Chapter 12

  • Trust Junta
  • “That’s not pathetic to me.”

 MWA7R ending

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