[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mitsuru Sanada season 2 Senior Year

FLD Mitsuru Sanada S2 senior year

The MC is over the moon about passing the admissions exam for the same college as Mitsuru, and her relationship with Mitsuru gets increasingly sweeter as he opens up more to her. However, their happy moments are cut short when Hayato is accused of being caught up in a fight and voluntarily suspends himself from school! Misturu is determined to do what he can to get his friend back to school, but the MC starts to worry when he slowly closes up and doesn’t want to get anyone else involved.

Mitsuru is (slightly) more open with his affection now. He still teases the MC and doesn’t go easy on her, but still praises and “rewards” her when she does her best >w< I love how he continues to challenge the MC to push herself and truly believes that she’s a smart and capable person who’s able to do whatever she sets her mind on doing. He shows his jealous side a bit more now, and is slightly possessive of the MC at times XD His blushing sprite showed up a surprising amount of times, and he easily gets embarrassed in front of others, especially when he starts to open to them more.

Like most intellectual characters, Mitsuru is extremely prideful and used to doing things on his own without relying on other people for help. This causes him to fail to see that not everyone is as capable as he is, and his pride makes him extremely reluctant to ask others for help, especially since he’s always had high expectations for him set by not only his peers and adults, but also himself. This route focused a lot on Mitsuru learning to rely on others when it comes to situations he can’t handle by himself and realizing that it’s not a weak thing to do since some things are bigger than what one person can handle. He goes from an uncompromising person stubborn in doing thing their way to someone who knows how to lead people and gets them to work together to solve serious situations.

I loved watching Mitsuru open up in this route, and I appreciated that Voltage expanded on his friendship with Hayato. Like I said before, Mitsuru is someone who’s used to being alone, but Hayato is someone he acknowledges as a fellow student council member and as one of his few friends. He has a surprisingly strong sense of justice, and there are things in this route that I honestly don’t think he would have done before he met the MC, which shows how much of an impact she’s had on his personality through their relationship.

The ending was absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait until both of them start college >w< Though there wasn’t as much relationship development, Mitsuru grew leaps and bounds as a character in this route, and I highly recommend it, especially if you liked him in season 1. I’m happy that I ended up liking all the senior year routes; they all focused on something different and the writing was well done for all of them. The epilogue was absolutely adorable and definitely had me wanting more. Mitsuru is for sure my bias in FLD now, and I can’t wait to see how much closer he and the MC get once they start college together >w< Happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mitsuru Sanada season 2 Senior Year

  1. It’s also refreshing to see an MC that has something on her own. A small push from Mitsuru and she improved her grades and got into a good college. In the other routes it feels more like you’re supporting the guy in their dreams, but this one feels like the MC and Mitsuru are on equal footing; something I don’t think Voltage pulls off very often. They just seem to balance each others strengths and weaknesses out so nicely and its highlighted in this season so well.


    • I agree! I love routes where the MC and the male lead both support and challenge each other to grow, and you definitely get that vibe with Mitsuru. I can’t wait for his next route to be released ^w^


  2. Are you going to review Mitsuru’s college route (or any of the other senior year routes?) I myself was very pleased with Mitsuru’s college story, and thought the MC and Mitsuru’s different backgrounds were handled very well. He came from wealth and had a very lonely childhood; she was more middle-class but had a loud, close family. There was bound to be conflict when they lived together 24/7 instead of just dating. Just wondered about your opinions on it!


    • Hi there Ann!
      I’m definitely going to do reviews for the season 3 routes of FLD, but because of the haitus I took in June I’m really behind on reviews so it might take me a while to catch up. I’m really excited to play them, and I hope you’ll read them when I post them on here eventually!


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