[REVIEW] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Reiji Uraga season 2 Sequel

DDIWT Reiji Uraga S2

Reiji and the MC’s relationship gets progressively sweeter by the day, and though Reiji shows his feelings for her through his actions, the MC can’t help but feel a bit insecure about the fact that he never expresses them in words. When they find themselves temporarily living together, the MC hopes that it’ll help them grow closer. However, things turn complicated when a woman from Reiji’s past shows up, and though he puts up with Minako’s forward actions, he refuses to tell the MC anything about his past.

I mentioned in my review for Reiji’s main story that he and the MC are extremely different individuals, and while his main story did bring up the issue, his sequel delves into it deeper and shows the complications that arise when such people are in a relationship. If you haven’t read Reiji’s main story, I wouldn’t read this review since I’m going to spoil a lot of his character that you don’t know about in the beginning.

Reiji is someone who values actions over words. His experiences in life due to his looks cause him to distrust the “truths” people tell him to get close to him, and he doesn’t value words because the same words that are used to convey earnest feelings can also be used to manipulate people with lies. However, his age and insightfulness allow him to feel confident about his relationship despite the lack of verbal communication because his past experiences have matured him in some aspects that other people might not be.

However, the MC is his complete opposite. She’s earnest, easily read by others, and is an honest and straightforward person in general. Her lack of experience in love causes her to feel insecure frequently, especially since she’s dating someone like Reiji. I can see her potentially getting a lot of hate in this route, but I personally liked her. She knows what her issues and weaknesses are, and does her best to not run away and face them. She’s also extremely understanding of Reiji’s past, but her insecurity causes her to lose confidence in herself. I think Voltage did a good job of realistically portraying her emotions, and I honestly found myself rooting for her, even though she did irk me at times.

There’s a lot of drama in this route, and while it got frustrating at times since I just wanted the two to be happy together, the route was written well overall. There’s a lot of development in this route, both in the MC and Reiji’s individual characters and relationship, and by the end a lot of the unspoken issues in their relationship are resolved. I definitely want to see more of these two, and by how the route ended it looks like Voltage has more planned for Koh and Reiji for future releases.

Koh was an absolute sweetheart in this route, and I wish that he had been more like this in his main story *sigh* I definitely recommend this route if you liked Reiji in his main story! Though there hasn’t been any updates for Reiji and Koh in the JP version of the app so far, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a wedding route (though it looks like there’s possibly going to be a living together route before a wedding one?… who knows =___=;; ). Reiji turned out to be a lot more err carnivorous than I thought he’d be based on the conversations he and the MC have, but it was cute watching him getting jealous over the MC in this route (though he tries to cover it up XD ). Once again, happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Reiji Uraga season 2 Sequel

  1. Your review hits all keyed elements that make Reiji stories so difficult to forget. I kept running back to his stories and each time I gained a deeper appreciation of how complex his character was. Couldn’t stop giggling when reading the line of him being carnivorous. So true! Again, thank you for the wonderful review. It shows that I am not alone 😊


    • I’m glad you ended up liking him so much! XD He’s definitely one of my favorites now, and I’m hoping that Voltage will have him open up more to the MC in future routes ^w^


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