[WALKTHROUGH] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Reiji Uraga season 2 Sequel

DDIWT Reiji Uraga S2

Chapter 1

  • “You’re teasing me again.”
  • “You’re going to live here?”

Chapter 2

  • “That’s you.”
  • “I’m happy.”

Chapter 3

  • “I’ll be more careful, too.”
  • “I suppose.”

Chapter 4

  • “I’m embarrassed.”
  • “Let me help.”

Chapter 5

  • Look at Reiji
  • “You’re too nice.”

Chapter 6

  • “It’s not a nuisance.”
  • “I got a little carried away.”

Chapter 7

  • Call out
  • “I want to believe you.”

Chapter 8

  • “Thank you for comforting me.”
  • “You should’ve said so sooner.”

Chapter 9

  • “I didn’t do anything.”
  • “Just the two of us, alone?”

 DDIWT S2 ending

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