[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S2 don't tell him

Although they’re happily engaged, Chiaki and the MC find their love live intruded on when they’re told they have to move into the newly built company condos for month! Chiaki isn’t letting the presence of other people hinder their time together, and work is going well for the both of them when he’s given a chance to submit for the prestigious company Industry Report and the MC is paired together with Kaoru for a new project. However, Kaoru’s feelings toward the MC start to change, and Chiaki notices?!

I’m 100% sure that whoever writes the stories for OTBS has something against Chiaki because he can’t go through a single route without suffering ㅠ___ㅠ

Because of his past, Chiaki is someone who struggles with feelings of inadequacy. His desire to reach the top of Shiki Publishing comes form his need of gaining the approval of those around him, especially people he respects and care for. While his proposal route laid bare his insecurities in relation with his mother, this route goes more into his view of himself and his struggle to accept what he sees reflected in him. This route is especially painful for Chiaki because of the relationship between him and Kaoru. Kaoru is someone Chiaki admires and has deep respect for; he sees him as a role model and as someone he aspires to be like. Couple that with his struggles against himself, and it leads to a situation where he can’t help feel like he’s not good enough for anyone, even the MC, who’s seen him at his worst.

I absolutely love the relationship Chiaki and the MC have. While he’ll tease her and they’ll argue once in while, they’re a couple that helps each grow, especially in Chiaki’s case. Chiaki is the type to build walls between him and others, but he shows his weak side to the MC, which is an extremely important part of their relationship. Her acceptance of the very things he sees as flaws redeems himself as someone worth being loved in his eyes through her love. However, there’s still a part of him who’s unsure of whether he’s truly worthy of her, especially when he compares himself to the MC and Kaoru, both who are a stark contrast to him with their unending selflessness. Chiaki struggles with what it really means to love and live for another person in this route, and decides to try living for someone else out of his love for the MC; this is a big step from his proposal route, where he’s more concerned about her leaving him.

Another thing I appreciated in this route was how maturely the love triangle between the three of them was settled. There wasn’t any of the unnecessary and ridiculous drama in Kaoru’s route; instead, Chiaki takes a stand and clearly tells Kaoru how it is, which is something I appreciated. All parties are mature with how they handle the situation, and while it isn’t exactly smooth sailing, they all make an effort to not destroy the already-existing relationships between them.

Though I was an emotional mess for most of the route, I highly recommend this route, especially if you’re a Chiaki fan. I love how the route builds upon the already existing development from his proposal route, and the ending made me tear up with how sweet it was. I really hope season 3 is happier for him, because Chiaki deserves nothing but happiness and a new family with the MC ; w ; Happy playing! *cries*

13 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!

  1. HI Yume! Its me Nana!!! It has been a long time huh, I am so busy with college and now Im free yass!!!! (done finals)

    I AM ONE OF CHIAKI TRASHES AAAAHHHH how dare Voltage writes his story so painful it pierces my heart so deep…. I love Chiaki so much it pains my heart poor baby Chiaki… I strongly agree that his season 3 better be happier or else I will destroy Voltage hard hahah jk jk.

    All in all, we do have same taste in Voltage men huh. CHIAKI 4 LYFE!! And nice review, as always


  2. hai…thanks for all ur review.i always read ur review whenever i hesitate to buy a character. hehe…. and it help me a lot xD. btw chiaki is my fav in otbs. i love him…. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
    oh…and can i ask ur advice? actually i want to read IYAT story but i cant decide which one i should choose. ( i.already read kippei and koichi). thank you 😉


    • Chiaki is one of my favorites in OTBS as well. He needs more love ; w ;
      Ahhh I’m so glad that you played IYAT! It’s one of my favorite games ^w^ Koichi and Kippei are my favorites (/w\)
      What kind of characters do you tend to like? And what kind of situations/themes do you like in a route? So I can give you a more informed recommendation ^w^


      • why i feel my replay is so short o.o . it didny show my full replay><
        agree with u… hope he can build his happy family soon xD
        hm…i kind want to try ginnosuke. what do u think?
        and can u give me a suggest for CTC and MSB to? i like chara like chiaki,seryu,nomura and aki. maybe it can be ur reverence. hehehe. thank you


        • I haven’t played Nomura’s route yet but I think if you liked him you’ll probably enjoy Ginnosuke as well since they’re both older/mature characters ^w^

          CTC and MSB don’t have a lot of characters like the ones that you listed, but I can still give you my personal favorites ^w^ I like Yasuto and Homare the best in CTC. They’re very different characters, but Yasuto is absolutely adorable and Homare grew on me a surprising amount throughout his routes ^___^;; For MSB I liked most of the characters, but ones that I remember really enjoying are Subaru, Mizuki, Daichi, Ishigami and Kurosawa. MSB doesn’t have the strongest writing (especially when it comes to the PSD characters) but there’s a lot of humor in the routes and it’s one of the more light hearted Voltage games imo. I hope this helps! ^w^


  3. Out of all the Don’t Tell Him! routes Chiaki’s was the best. Also I think that someone has sotheing against Ota the same way they do with Chiaki because he doesn’t go a whole route without suffering as well.


  4. Hello,
    I’ve just recently started reading your reviews, but I completely agree with this review. Chiaki has definitely become one of my all-time favorite characters, and I love the way this route was done. It was a very nice contrast to Kaoru’s don’t tell him route. I really like Kaoru, but that route was difficult to get through. Thanks to your other reviews, I think I might try Nozoma’s route! I liked Naomasa’s but I’m not sure whether to try Rui’s or Nozoma’s route next. Chiaki’s season 3 cannot come soon enough!


    • I’m so glad you like Chiaki as well!! I don’t think he gets enough love from the fandom *cries* (Shusei as well ; A ; ) I like Kaoru as a character, but I think his and Minato’s stories fall short compared to the rest of the OTBS characters; it feels like Voltage didn’t make as much of an effort writing them because they expect the two of them to be popular regardless (which is true *sigh*)

      Naomasa is my favorite in TLSL! (/w\) I really liked Nozomu’s main story, though his sequel was a bit difficult for me to get through ; w ; I think Rui is a hit or miss character, so if you usually like characters like him, then you might enjoy his routes.


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