[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Teorus season 1 Sequel

SCM Teorus S1 sequel

Teorus and the MC have crossed the forbidden line between gods and human in their relationship, and while nothing happened at first, the MC starts to gain power from the stars in her eyes while Teorus struggles with controlling his own. Concerned with their fate, they go to the heavens to discover how to solve their predicament. They run into Teorus’s father there, and the already sour relationship between the two takes a turn for the worse when Thanassis tries to seduce the MC?!

Teorus was already affectionate in his main story, but he shows it in a slightly different way in this route. While the main reason for his affection in the main story was to gain the MC’s favor, in this route he does it more for her than himself >w< He doesn’t care what others think of his relationship with the MC, and while some of that comes from his childish tendencies, more of it is from his desire to prove that their relationship is special (since he didn’t place much value in relationships before). He’s definitely matured a bit since his main story, and by the end of this story the MC herself notices how much he’s matured from the happenings in the route.

Even though his own circumstances aren’t the best, Teorus supports the MC a lot in this route. I expected the opposite due to is childish behavior in his main story, but was pleasantly surprised by how much he steps up and takes the lead when he sees how unsure of herself she is. His emotional support helped the MC a lot in this route, especially since she goes through so much, from the changes in her body to how the rest of the gods view their relationship.

I enjoyed the plot of this route a lot and thought it was well written for the most part. However, I think Voltage really skimped out on the writing when it came towards the end of the story and when it came to Teorus and Thanassis’s relationship. The ending felt extremely rushed and out of nowhere, and I can’t help but think that the lack of development between the two was part of the reason why Voltage decided to take the easiest way out to end the story. Personally, I was looking forward to Teorus’s sequel because I thought it would go in depth with his relationship with his father, but I finished the story sorely disappointed. The way the MC’s condition was solved didn’t help since it added to my suspicion that Voltage just took the easy way out =___=

If you liked Teorus in his main story, I highly recommend you get his sequel! His relationship to the MC grows a lot in this story and he grows as a character as well. There were a few moments where I think the writing could have been better, but for the most part the story was well done and I enjoyed it overall. Happy playing!

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