[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima season 1 Main Story

SITS Nagito Aoshima S1 main story

The MC finds herself struggling as Revance’s ghostwriter when she’s asked to write the words for Nagito’s fashion collaboration song. After lending her a sympathetic ear, Nagito offers to co-write the lyrics together since the collaboration is for his sister’s wedding. The MC starts to fall for Nagito as she learns more about him, even though she knows he can’t forget his first love. She thinks her love won’t be reciprocated, but after an unintended confession from her he asks her to be his girlfriend?!

The designer and model of the group, Nagito is in charge of making Revance’s outfits. He’s the mood maker and jokester of the group with his upbeat and cheerful personality, but his playful nature takes a different twist when it comes to teasing and flirting with girls *cough*he’s a perv lol*cough* Despite his easygoing attitude, Nagito works the hardest and is the most dedicated member in Revance, to the point that all the other members acknowledge it. Though he always appears to be happy due to his personality, Nagito has a habit of masking his true feelings behind a smile; while his exterior may hint otherwise, he’s extremely insecure about himself and struggles with feeling that he’s not wanted or needed by others.

However, despite having his own issues, Nagito is a genuinely kind and extremely warm person. He wants to help others who need it, and this is what leads to the start of his relationship with the MC. He sees himself in the way she struggles to fit in with Revance and can’t help but want to help her. It also goes the other way; the MC supports Nagito in this route as well, which surprised me, but the development of this relationship was written extremely well. Both of them slowly learn more about the other as they work together, and their feelings for each other grow as they confide in each other about their worries.

* If you’re not a fan of spoilers, I would stop reading at this point and skip to where it says end spoilers since I don’t think I can fully review Nagito’s route without revealing some major ones *

Nagito is an adopted child, and while this isn’t a completely new trope used in Voltage games, I think his case was written especially well and played a big part in this story without feeling forced. While he loves and appreciates his family, he can’t help but feel that he doesn’t quite belong, and this feeling follows him even in Revance, where he feels that he was to work twice as hard to catch up to the rest of the members. It’s because he knows how it feels to not belong that he reaches out to the MC, and his acceptance of her skills has a big influence on her ability to write lyrics that come from herself and not from her trying to imitate Ryo.

I absolutely loved the relationship between Nagito and the MC. He’s honest with her when he says that he has someone else he still loves, but instead of wallowing in those feelings, he wants to step forward and just wish that person happiness. However, he’s not using the MC; he’s serious when it comes to wanting to date her, and thinks that he can grow to love her more than anyone else and honestly wants to do so. Both of them take a chance at it, and it was heartwarming to see them grow even closer after they decide to start their relationship ; w ;

* end spoilers *

The plot and pacing for this route were extremely well done. There weren’t any excess plot elements, and at no point in the story did I feel that it was rushed. The story itself was fresh and not something Voltage usually does, and I enjoyed it a lot. The ending had me tearing up a bit ; w ; I honestly think that Nagito and the MC are the best matched for each other (so far), and I can’t wait for his sequel. I definitely recommend this route to everyone! I know that there were quite a few people who were unsure about whether or not they should this story and I can (almost) guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Happy playing!

19 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima season 1 Main Story

  1. Thanks for the review! I still read the spoilers ☺️. If you could pick one character of SITS to play first, who would you choose? All the characters seem wonderful. It’s hard to guess which one I’ll love more \(//∇//)\


    • I agree as well… But I guess it’s to add to the relationship development so the change is even more drastic?
      I think I appreciated Nagito’s friendly attitude even more than other people might have because I played all three route before him, and they were all extremely unfriendly to the MC at first =___=;; He’s such a sweetheart and while the other three may gain popularity because they’re commonly liked types otome games (oresama, do-s, kuudere), I think a lot of people can grow to love Nagito as his own character since he’s written so well, as is the plot for his main story.


  2. Hey Again. Is the epilougue worth buying??? I feel like i am just going to buy the epilogue n not the main story since i dislike love triangle.


    • I liked the epilogue a lot ^w^
      Ahh I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like love triangles! Especially since Voltage seems to be releasing a lot of routes with them lately ; A ;


      • Lol true. Its been killing me. The only reason I bought Chiaki’s dont tell him story is because of my undying devotion toward him. Anyway I just dont like it when a main guy likes someone else cuz i feel like the second choice… That is why i never buy anyone with dead lover…the only exception was nozumo cus i feel like without the mc’s presistence he grew to love her own his own accord. It didnt feel forcw or anything it just felt that he finally moved on.


  3. okqy I just have like three questions that go for Iori’s, Kyohei’s, and Nagito’s main stories
    1. Do they kiss before the end?
    2. Which one is the first to say “i love you.”
    3. Which endind is better romantic or dramatic?


    • 1. I know for sure Kyohei and Nagito kiss the MC before the end. I honestly can’t remember for Iori but I want to say no? =___=;;
      2. MC is the first to confess her feelings in all three routes (I think. I can’t remember for Iori’s route for sure but I think she did)
      3. I liked the dramatic love ending best for all three routes.
      Sorry but I honestly don’t remember as many details from Iori’s main story because it didn’t leave as much of an impression on me compared to the other two. Right now my character rankings for SITS is Nagito, Kota, Kyohei and then Iori. I hope this helped!


  4. I honestly am not interested in Kota’s route.
    For me i hate when the characters don’t kiss till the end. And ugh. Really? the MC cofesses first in all the routes? I don’t like that. But then again I think I am traumtized by the “love confession” in Eisuke’s route *shivers*


    • The confession in Kyohei’s route wasn’t direct (it was through a letter, if I remember correctly). I don’t think you’ll mind it as much in Nagito’s route because it’s what starts their relationship, and he was already starting to like her at that point and asks her to be in a relationship with him soon after ^w^


      • Well I guess that’s good. i guess I expected it with Iori because of a post I saw on tumblr where the guys were making fun of Iori about how he was in love and Iori was just like “uh…..what the hell are you saying?” I was like “goddammit Iori just give up on the tsundere act and admit your in love” XD


    • Truth be told Kota’s route was really sweet and sad because he helped the MC with her lyrics a lot and was friendly as the story went on but in order for her to write a good break up song he had to change his actions around her and that made it sad. Still I recommend the Kota route as well as Nagito.


  5. Since I don’t have the money to buy Nagitos route I was wondering if someone can upload the story for all the people with the same situation as me. It’s just a suggestion if you guys are up for it ^-^


    • Hi there Anastasia!

      I’d like to ask that you refrain from asking other people to upload stories on my site. It’s considered piracy and people can get fined and even sent to jail for it if caught. I’m glad that you’re interested in Nagito, but I don’t think any otome game route is worth someone getting in trouble with the law for. Please keep this in mind in the future as well!


  6. I’m thinking to give a try SITS and I’m a little undecided if I go with Nagita or Iori… But you said such good things about Nagito that I’m going much more for his side.


  7. Hi Yume, I just want to Thank You for sharing the review on Nagito. Given I’m not into cute guys I would never have bought his story, but it turns out to be my fav over all the rest! Kota is my 2nd fav. And thanks for the warning on spoilers, I didn’t read that part and get pleasantly surprise during the game. Kota is my second fav. Like you, I appreciate stories where MC is more intelligent and the story develops in a believable way. I’ll be checking out your other reviews, thanks so much again!


    • Ahh I’m so glad you like him!!! Nagito is pure sunshine and deserves all the love. Thank you for reading my review and I hope my other reviews help you out! 🙂


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