[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Teorus season 1 Main Story

SCM Teorus S1 main story

After being saved from her fall by Teorus, the princely ruler of Taurus, the MC finds herself at the presence of the gods, all of them demanding to have her remove their marks of sin. She finds herself spending more time with the childish god who saved her, and slowly grows closer to him while learning more about the kindness behind his smile. However, the naïve “perfect prince” of the heavens has a twisted view in love, and the MC starts to see a lonely side of him that he himself doesn’t seem to realize. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido season 1 Sequel

OTBS Tsumugu Kido S1 sequel

It’s been a month since Tsumugu and the MC have started living together, and while he’s been growing more affectionate at home, he still keeps his distance in the office. The MC can’t help but be confused from his hot-and-cold attitude, and her confusion only grows when it turns out that he’s acquainted with the president of the IT firm she’s interviewing! His refusal to talk about his relationship with her worries the MC, when the woman approaches the MC to ask about her own relationship with him?! Continue reading

My Wedding and 7 Rings: Initial Thoughts

MWA7R opening image

After the success of My Forged Wedding, why wouldn’t Voltage try to make more money off the concept that their top moneymaker was based on? Like My Forged Wedding, My Wedding and 7 Rings is based on the situation of being in a “fake” marriage and ending up with genuine feelings for one another in the end. However, unlike MFW, where the MC and the male leads try their best not fall for each other, MWA7R takes the situation and twists it so that the goal is for the two to develop genuine and long-lasting feelings for each other. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Asahi Kakyouin season 1 Main Story

MWA7R Asahi Kakyouin season 1 main story

Caught in a contract that states she has to be married within the next year, the MC unwillingly chooses to participate in the Marriage Program with Asahi, her boss from the Lifestyle Products Group. Determined not to be involved in a loveless marriage, the MC feels helpless in her current situation. However, the more time she spends with Asahi in their “newlywed” life, the more her feelings for him change as she sees new sides of him beyond the capable boss at work. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yamato Kougami season 1 Sequel

MFW Yamato Kougami S1

It’s been almost a year since Yamato and the MC started living together, and things are getting busy for him since he’s been put in charge of the graduating class. The MC is has her hands full doing her best at trying to support him at both work and home, but the peace in their personal life is shattered when one of his students runs away from home. Watching the student’s situation as they help her out, the MC finds herself wondering about her current relationship with Yamato, and their future together. Continue reading