[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 2 Wedding Bells

MFW Akito Kakiuchi S2

With a fulfilling life at both work and home, the MC and Akito are busy as ever with their wedding plans and their company’s participation in the Top Wedding Collection. However, the newfound bliss after their engagement comes to a stop when the MC starts to worry about their forbidden office romance being discovered at work. She silently struggles choosing between her love or her work when their secret accidentally gets discovered by a coworker?!

Right from the start, it’s obvious that this route focuses a lot on the MC’s development. One thing I love the most in Akito’s routes compared to the rest in MFW is how the MC has her own stable career in a company, and continues to learn and enjoy her growing responsibilities in it. She definitely experiences a jump in position in this route when her proposal gets chosen for the company’s booth in the TWC, and seeing her struggle with and successfully grow from the experience was something I appreciated a lot. In a sense, this route is a reversal of roles for Akito and the MC compared to his main story. The MC has a tendency to doubt herself at times, but Akito is always there to encourage her to not give up and challenge herself, something she also does for him.

While both Akito and the MC support each other a lot, both of them also tend to put themselves in the backseat of their relationship. You see this in previous routes, but it really comes out in this story when the MC struggles between her upcoming marriage to Akito to her promising career in the company they both work at. Office romances are forbidden, and since she wants to support Akito’s dream, she quietly decides to quit after the project so there won’t be any issues for him. I can see her getting a lot of flak for it, but it’s important to keep in mind the social context of their relationship: in most East Asian countries, it’s not uncommon for the woman to give up her job after marriage so she can support the husband and their future family at home. I absolutely loved Akito’s response to her choice; he doesn’t even consider it an option, and the solution that he comes up to for it respects both his and her dreams, and it definitely made me love him even more >w<

While I did enjoy this route, one thing that I want to comment on is that the problems Akito and the MC face in this story have the same roots as the problems they faced in Akito’s previous routes. While supporting each other is good, both of them still have a kind of assumption that they know each other well, and tend to not communicate as much because of it. Both of them also tend to be self-sacrificing, and while they relearn (again) that it’s better to face things together as a couple, I’m hoping that Voltage doesn’t reuse this theme in Akito’s future release because quite honestly, it’s starting to feel old.

If you liked Akito’s previous routes, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. As always, there were a lot of cute and heartwarming moments between the two, and I love the relationship the two of them have. The wedding my eyes water a little, and the skit that the LI crew does in the happy end was so ridiculous XD Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 2 Wedding Bells

  1. Thank you once again for this review yume 🙂
    Thanks to your review’s I now now which stories to buy since this is going to be my first time playing a voltage game (since I always watch walkthroughs of some of these stories.) I also agree with what you say about their relationship in this route since with marriage you have to learn to communicate with each other otherwise you will have problems down the road. Oh by the way, I just found out that… that Kazuki proposal CG’s have been released and all I can say. I CAN NOT wait until it is translated XD Because the MC and Kazuki are my favorite couple in the story since it feels like they are fated to be together. That is all for now and good luck with final week. (trust me I know the feeling since I am in College.)
    p.s Do you know anything about Kiryu from enchanted in the moonlight since he a new character that came out last year?


    • I hope you continue to buy routes instead of trying to find videos of them! I’m a huge advocate for buying otome games, mostly because the reason why a lot of companies are reluctant to bring them overseas is because of piracy concerns (videos count as piracy). A lot of money goes into developing and translating these games, and if people don’t pay for them then companies are going to be less likely to translate them.

      I’m also excited for season 2 of FILA! I understand what you mean about Kazuki and the MC; while they have their arguments, they both make an effort to not fall back to the same problems they had ten years ago ^w^

      I don’t know aything about Kiryu, but I’m super excited for his route to get translated! He’s probably going to be the last character released for season 2, so it’ll be a while until we get him ; w ;


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