[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Dui season 1 Sequel

SCM Dui S1 sequel

Although they’re happily in love, the MC realizes that not everything is resolved for Dui when she goes with him to the heavens. The other gods and goddesses scorn the ruler of Gemini of his past transgression, but the kind-hearted god pays no attention to them as they answer the king’s summons. The king reveals to the two that investigations searching for the mastermind behind the plot that caused Dui to fall from grace are nearing a close, and the perpetrator may be someone close to him?!

Dui is so adorable (/w\) He’s without contest the most considerate out of all the gods released so far, and you can see this in his actions, such as reserving dinner for her even though he doesn’t have to eat and showing restraint in their physical relationship for the MC’s sake, keeping in mind her human life and responsibilities as well. Dui takes his dates with the MC extremely seriously, to the point where he bought a magazine so he could research on human dates he could take her on (/w\) One thing that I really appreciated with Dui in this route was that he realizes the important of the MC’s friendship with her friend Hiyori; I think he’s the only one out of the gods who can really relate with her in this aspect because he’s experienced a similar relationship with someone in the heavens as well.

Dui has come to terms with both sides of his personality, but the issue regarding the death of his friend still hasn’t been resolved and is the main focus of this route. While others may see it as weaknesses, Dui’s strengths are his kindness and being brave enough to trust people, even those he has a legitimate reason to distrust. His own experiences in his main story have helped him change his views that gods are unable to change like humans, and he applies them in this route. His conflict with the antagonist was resolved in a very “Dui”-like way that reflected these values, and I’m glad that he didn’t stray from his character to resolve it. However, he does learn to be more cautious with who he trusts and face those he has reason to distrust rather than just blindly trusting them.

While there wasn’t a lot of relationship development in this route, Dui grows as a character and it’s nice to see him more at ease towards the end of the route and in the sequel epilogue. The writing for this route wasn’t as good compared to his main story, but it’s definitely still better than most of the SCM sequels and was paced a lot better as well; however, it wasn’t as “sad” compared to them, but this wasn’t something I minded that much. The writing definitely turns into more “telling” instead of “showing” towards the end, which irked me, but the route as a whole was written generally well compared to the other SCM routes. I definitely can’t wait for Dui’s season 2 routes, and if you liked him in his main story, you’ll definitely liked him in this route. Happy playing!

5 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Dui season 1 Sequel

  1. Thank you for the review yume 😉
    I first want to apologize in my last post if I offended you in anyway 😦 I agreed with you opinion about how companies like voltage put all of their time and effort into a game, that way people can be able to support them more in order to buy more of there routes. I did not mean it like… what I wanted to say that the reason why I watch walkthroughs is because I both based my option on the character is worth the price that I am about to pay, and also I am not very good at these kinds of dating games since so I need all of the help I can get. As well as your reviews. Also great news, I finally passed by first job interview and now I am finally get to buy all of the things I want to buy. (First thing I am going to buy is kazuki and naomasa routes since I have been dying for ages to buy their routes) I have to go but will try to talk to you again soon XD
    p.s. I just found out an interesting information… apparently the reason why we do not have kiss of revenge season 2 and 3 is NOT because the game was not popular (because I KNOW lots of people who loved the game as well as myself) but somehow some people were able to hacked in to the game XC How do you do that I want to know but because of those people they are the reason why we never go a chance to see season 2 or 3 made. (which I am mad because I really wanted to see Issei season 2!! And three if we were lucky enough) I wounder if we ask voltage nicely if they can still be able to translate the season for us.


    • @Beverly Ezenta
      Many times i have looked for people that still hope for updates from KOR. I always thought that if a BUNCH of people asked voltage on their facebook page to update it they might. If you like you and the people you say are big fans can leave a bunch of comments. I will too. It just might work. 😀


    • I wasn’t offended! I just hope you know not to look up those videos from now on ^__^
      I understand that not everyone can get all the routes they want, and that’s the reason why I write reviews; hopefully they’ll help people narrow down what routes they want to get. The problem with videos is that many people watch them and don’t buy the routes since they think of it as a “free” way to getting to play Voltage games. I highly discourage the practice, and Voltage themselves have stated that it infringes their copyright policy and counts as piracy.
      Also, congrats on passing your job interview!! Hopefully you’ll be able to play a lot more otome games from now on ^w^
      I agree with Holly in that Voltage might translate future KOR routes if enough people show interest in the game. All we can do for now is bombard them with requests, and hopefully they’ll give it to us one day! *crosses fingers*


      • So yume what do you say? Will you help me bobard voltage with request on Facebook? I’m going to do it next time i can get on Facebook!


        • I’m not very active on their facebook page XD I’ll definitely tell them that I want season 2 of KOR through their surveys and other social media sites though ^w^


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