[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Yamato Kougami season 1 Main Story

MWA7R Yamato Kougami S1 main story

After choosing to go with her high school friend Yamato, the MC starts to remember the crush she had on him before their graduation. Although she thinks she’s left those feeling behind, they slowly resurface as the two live together. However, romance is the last thing in Yamato’s mind when he tells her that he’ll find a way to get her out of the contract she’s been chained to. While the MC struggles with her growing feelings for him, Yamato continues to call her family as he works to find an end to their situation.

Yamato has a lot of similarities with his MFW counterpart. He’s still a confident alpha-male who likes to tease the MC, and his cooking and housework skills are still good enough to make most housewives green with envy XD While he was a teacher in the past, he’s now the head of the Education Services Group at Sanno Corp. and a newly appointed Special Executive. He’s a high school friend of the MC, and he’s helped her through some hard times when she lost her family; while he teases her, he takes her well-being seriously and isn’t shy about showing concern when he worries over her. Personally, I thought the MWA7R Yamato was a bit nicer than his MFW character, and I found myself liking this Yamato a bit more than his MFW self (just a tiny bit. I’m sorry Yamato ; A ; ).

I couldn’t help but compare this route to Yamato’s MFW route (especially since he’s one of my favorite characters). While this route was written decently well compared to the other MWA7R routes, I think it falls short of his MFW route. The major reason why I think this route falls short compared Yamato’s MFW one is because the conflict between Yamato and his father doesn’t get resolved. I have a feeling that they’re going to address this in his sequel, but since all the sequels in the newer games are only eight chapters long, I’m not expecting a lot in terms of development.

However, I really enjoyed the friendship dynamic between Yamato and the MC; it allowed for them to get closer a lot faster, and it helped a lot in the pacing of their relationship development. Another thing I liked in this route was that you got to see Yamato’s passion for the well being of students in a more hands-on experience since the MC got to work on a project together with him. It was nice seeing Yamato in a work environment (/w\)

If you were a fan of Yamato from MFW, then I would give this route a try! It was nice to see another interpretation of his character, and I’m hoping for more in his future routes. If you were planning on playing both his MWA7R and MFW routes, then I would start with one since I think it’s a weaker in terms of writing. If you didn’t like Asahi or Junta’s routes, I would still give Yamato a try since he’s not as manipulating or bossy compared to the other two. Happy playing!

8 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Yamato Kougami season 1 Main Story

  1. I really liked this nicer Yamato too \(//∇//)\ Sorry MFW Yamato. Thank you for another great review! I wasn’t going to play Yamato at first because I wanted to perserve MFW Yamato. But the prospects of a nicer Yamato were too much 😊Yamato was great! I really loved this game because you got to see what would happen in the MC from MFW didn’t choose Yamato (and married Kuni, according to Asahi’s route). Voltage did a heat job making a parallel universe where everything hinged on the MC from MFW. (Yamato not getting close to his father and having to leave his job at the all girl’s school for being a bachelor, resulting in him working at Sanno etc.) So neat to see the universe align. Plus I loved meeting high school Yamato. Even though this route (with the blood relationship drama) was pretty predicable, I enjoyed it. But I wish they could’ve flushed out Yamato’s parentage as well :(. Anyways, thanks for another great review!


    • Thanks for reading my review! I think they’re saving Yamato and his father for his sequel (maybe).
      I’m glad that you liked this Yamato as well XD and I also liked seeing Kuni with his baby in Asahi’s route. He was so cute as a father uwu


    • Hi Lucy!
      While I liked this Yamato as a character more, I think his MFW story was written much better and delivers more of an emotional impact. I also think you can enjoy Yamato’s MWA7R route more if you play his MFW route first; there are a few nuances that you won’t understand if you haven’t play his MFW story beforehand. I hope this helps!


  2. I actually like Yamato in MFW more than he is in MWA7R w
    I think the MC greatly affected my affection towards the different Yamatos and the chemistry in MFW was better reflected imo. It’s my personal preference though.

    Even though I’ve read how you’ve said that MWA7R is slightly weaker in writing (and I agree), I was nevertheless excited for Yamato’s route especially when he’s cast as a high school friend !
    Seriously, I cannot get how MC would choose a stranger over her high school friends in such a situation, logically speaking lol.

    I was a bit disappointed with the chemistry between them especially when they are old friends but I guess it gets awkward because they ARE close friends. I constantly find myself comparing this Yamato and MC with MFW’s Yamato and MC. Still prefer the latter even at the end of the story. The MC in MFW is more straightforward and open with her feelings I feel.

    I was hesitating to get the sequel at first when I first read your review for its sequel and now that I’ve played this main story…I think I’m gonna pass on it.

    Sidetrack: (MFW) Since I’m a huge sucker for childhood friends routes, Akito’s route attracted my attention but I just wanna ask if the MC retained her straightforwardness as in Yamato’s route in Akito’s route?


    • I think the MC is pretty consistent across all the MFW stories 😀

      I’m hoping Yamato’s future stories in MWA7R will be better since I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a lot of the other stories ^w^


      • Thank you!

        I’ve played Akito’s route and I have to say I absolutely love it! (He has a teddy bear print on his shirt, how cute can he get omgosh…)
        I can see why such games are so enjoyable now.


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