[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima season 1 Sequel

SITS Nagito Aoshima S1 sequel

It’s been six months since the MC became Revance’s ghostwriter when Nagito gets an offer from the brand Valentine to model in their Paris Fashion Week collection! Revance sees this as a path to their international debut, and the band flies to Paris to prepare for their upcoming performance. However, they come across someone singing a mysterious song that connects Nagito to his birth parents. They decide to meet with the composer of the song and discover the circumstances of Nagito’s birth!

I loved the relationship Nagito and the MC had in the main story, and they didn’t disappoint me in this route. Nagito can always tell when the MC is struggling, but makes sure that she doesn’t overwork herself and always encourages her, while the MC can tell when Nagito struggles with feeling unwanted due to his past and always makes sure to help him understand that he’s needed by not only her, but the rest of Revance and his current family as well. They’re so comfortable around each other, and the way they always look out for one another and can sense when something’s wrong is just so heartwarming to me uwu I also appreciate the fact that they’re so open and always make the effort to communicate to each other; it’s something that most Voltage couples struggle with, and they don’t have any unnecessary drama because of it ^w^

Predictably, this route focuses on Nagito’s past concerning his birth parents. Voltage always manages to write routes concerning such pasts well, and they didn’t disappoint; I found the story well written and well paced, which is something I appreciated since most of the sequels for the newer games have had a big problem concerning pacing due to the eight chapter limit. I liked how they portrayed Nagito’s feelings towards his birth parents; they weren’t made out to be overly complicated and I think they were written extremely realistically. He’s happy with the life that he has because of the choice that his parents made, and just wants to be able to move on from the past that he doesn’t know; rather than looking for an apology or wanting to change the past, he just wants to know why, and I think that this perspective suited his personality perfectly.

After finding out the circumstances of Nagito’s birth, I thought that the MC would draw parallels between their relationship and his parents, and I was right. I liked how Nagito didn’t dismiss the MC’s concerns, but instead points out that they’re different and that while their future together may be unsure, they should face it together because of the feelings they have for each other. Someone give this boy a gold star for single-handedly resolving this conflict in one conversation instead of taking an entire route to get this message across ; w ;

I really enjoyed this route, and I highly recommend this route! If you haven’t given Nagito a try yet, then I highly recommend that you do! Both his main story and his sequel are the best-written routes in SITS so far (imo), and I can’t wait for his season 2 stories. I personally really enjoyed the special set, so if you have an extra $1.99 USD lying around, then I would get it >w< Happy playing!

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