[WALKTHROUGH] Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima season 1 Sequel

SITS Nagito Aoshima S1 sequel

*the meter may fluctuate between the two sides, but the result will lead to the respective endings*

Dramatic Love Ending

Chapter 1

  • “My heart skipped a beat.”
  • “It’s a lovely song.”

Chapter 2

  • “Isn’t this song…”
  • “Ahh…”

Chapter 3

  • “I’ll wait outside.”
  • “That was incredible!”

Chapter 4

  • “I really want you to have more time.”
  • “But you’re not just a random guy!”

Chapter 5

  • “I’m glad I could help.”
  • Try to cover it up

Chapter 6

  • “She didn’t tell us about a family.”
  • “This is just terrible.”

Chapter 7

  • “Please keep it a secret.”
  • “I’ll leave it up to you.”

SITS dramatic love ending

Romantic Time Ending

Chapter 1

  • “I missed it.”
  • “Did you make that up?”

Chapter 2

  • “Let’s go back to the dressing room.”
  • “I can feed myself.”

Chapter 3

  • “I’m sorry…”
  • “Are you okay?”

Chapter 4

  • “I forgot to mention my plan to you.”
  • “Get a hold of yourself!”

Chapter 5

  • “I wasn’t really thinking at the time.”
  • Ask to quit for the day

Chapter 6

  • “I don’t know.”
  • “There’s nothing to do but keep quiet.”

Chapter 7

  • “No!”
  • “Why?”

SITS romantic time ending

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