[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kanata Tachibana season 2 The Proposal

FILA Kanata Tachibana S2 proposal

After suddenly receiving a proposal from Kanata, a regular customer at Larme, the MC is shocked when he introduces her as his fiancée to his grandmother! When her mother comes in asking about their relationship, the MC agrees to use their fake “engagement” to get her parents off her case about marriage. However, as she spends more time with the mysterious erotic novelist, he slowly wins his way into her heart, making her realize that love might not be far from her grasp after all.

Kanata is a popular erotic novelist who frequents the newly reopened Larme. His unkempt hair and casual demeanor makes it easy to write him off as frivolous and perverted (due to his profession XD ). However, the personality he paints with his flirtatious words and easygoing smile contrasts greatly with how seriously he takes his writing. Despite the negative reputation erotic novels have, Kanata’s works are known to be emotional and many people easily sympathize with his characters. While his words breathe life into stories of deep loves, Kanata has a skeptical outlook on the subject due to his past experiences; he views love as something that gets in the way of having fun and work and that women are susceptible to status and wealth.

The relationship between Kanata and the MC starts with them using each other; because both of them are bombarded with questions about when they’ll finally settle down, they both see a fake “engagement” as a means of relief from the constant nagging they get from their families. While both of them are convinced that nothing will come from their relationship, you can see that they quickly fall for one another, but the skepticism learned from their past experiences builds a wall between them that makes it difficult for both of them to face their feelings and take a leap of faith to change their relationship.

The change in their relationship from an agreement to something that they both want to continue was done well. You can see them slowly getting more comfortable with one another and the regret that they feel when their fake “engagement” ends. However, they still interact with one another at Larme, and the slow steps they take to getting to know one another out of their own interest instead of for their agreement changes the feel in their relationship. I loved how the MC got to learn more about Kanata through his writing, and the way that he planned on confessing his feelings to her was absolutely adorable and made me tear up a little at the end ; w ; Kanata’s proposal had my eyes watering again at the end, and I loved how it tied in with how their relationship originally started (/w\)

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this story because of it’s length. I wasn’t convinced that Voltage would be able to introduce a character and develop a deep relationship between him and the MC at the same time within 10 chapters. I was pleasantly surprised by how well written the story was, and while a lot happens in the route, it didn’t feel rushed; the story actually takes place in a long time period due to the multitude of time gaps between the major events.

I absolutely loved this route and definitely recommend it! It’s a story of two people who’ve given up on love, but slowly discover it again through an unexpected encounter that changed their lives more than they originally thought it would. Based on the epilogue, it seems like the next route is going to be a living together one, and I can’t wait to see how much Kanata and the MC’s relationship will continue to grow as they learn even more about each other. Please give this flirtatious writer a shot! He’ll definitely win over your heart with his smooth words >w< Happy playing!

6 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kanata Tachibana season 2 The Proposal

  1. His story is good!! Very well written and I was swooned HeLP!!!! I love all the guys in FILA. I feel so jealous with the MC… Nice review btw. 💋Nana


  2. Dear Yume,
    So which of the FILA characters is your favorite? And who’s route do you recommend the most if I’m playing it for the first time?


    • I actually like most of the characters and their stories, since I think that FILA is one of the more better written voltage games. Aki, Yoh, Yuto, Kazuki and Kanata are my favorites (I know that’s most of them ; w ; )

      I think Aki is the best route to start the game with, mostly because he’s the “main” guy Voltage promotes FILA with and his story was really well written. His season 2 is also out if you want to continue to pursue him too XD I hope you enjoy his story! I know I did uwu


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