[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Huedhaut season 1 Sequel

SCM Huedhaut S1 sequel

After reconfirming their love for each other physically, the MC and Huedhaut’s bliss is short-lived when he suddenly experiences headaches the morning after. He refuses to tell her what’s going on, and while the MC wants to help him with what he’s struggling with, the only clue that she has on the situation is that his powers of foresight grew stronger after they slept together. Soon afterwards, a serious situation arises on Earth, shadowing a future that parallels the tragic past shared by the two?!

* This review is rather spoiler heavy, so if you haven’t read Hue’s main story or don’t want to read excess spoilers for the sequel, I would not recommend reading this review *

I really like the relationship that Hue and the MC have. While the flashbacks showing the relationship between Hue and the goddess of fate showed a more serious relationship, the bantering and teasing between Hue and the MC show a very different, yet comfortable relationship that they can call their own. I really liked this aspect of their relationship because it showed that there’s no comparison to the MC’s past incarnation and that Hue is more focused on the present rather than the past, which indicates that he’s finally moved on from the regret he had in his main story and is ready to start something new with the MC. Huedhaut himself is surprised by how different and relaxed he can be around the MC (his exact words are “happy-go-lucky” XD ), but doesn’t really mind them >w<

While I personally enjoyed the route, I can see why some people wouldn’t. The story itself is almost an exact rehash of the situation between Huedhaut and the goddess of fate, except this time it’s with the MC. However, I think that there’s more relationship development in this route compared to the main story. While you already know what happened between the Hue and the goddess of fate, you can see that he’s desperate to make things end differently this time. It was also interesting to see the MC face the situation in her own way; she realizes what the goddess of fate must have gone through and can sympathize with her, but together with Hue, she finds a new way to solve the conflict that results in a happy ending.

Both Hue and the MC are selfless when it comes to love, and you can see reflected in their actions. Both of them are determined to overcome the conflict they face by themselves so the other won’t be harmed, but it’s not until the end that they learn that it’s better to face things together. I absolutely loved the MC in this route; while she does spend a lot of time hesitating over what she should do, she finds the determination to be straightforward and speak her mind to Huedhaut when he keeps refusing to let her know what’s happening. I think it’s important to mention that while she does originally choose a solution that would be painful for Hue, she’s determined to make sure that he doesn’t have the same misunderstandings that he struggled with his previous love.

I personally enjoyed Hue’s sequel more than his main story. While the plot was a bit recycled, there was a lot of relationship development and both Hue and the MC grow a lot as characters as well. I also enjoyed the sequel epilogue; if you’re a Zyglavis fan, I definitely recommend it XD I can’t wait to see the future that Hue and the MC will have in season 2. Hopefully they won’t have to suffer as much ; w ; Happy playing!

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Huedhaut season 1 Sequel

  1. Hi, I was just curious that out of all the SCM characters, which one was your favorite? And then which one had the best MS plotline?
    Thanks for all your hard work! Glad you’re back!


  2. Do you think they will release a season 2? i ho[e they do im hooked its really embarrassing haha but the graphics and it being quite spiritual on star signs they have me hook line and sinker lol


    • SCM is currently at a lull in their release schedule right now for season 2 routes in the JP app. I haven’t seen anything for Huedhaut yet but Leon and Scorpio did have season 2 stories released ^w^


  3. Personally, I feel that Hue’s sequel plot is firing for his route. I really enjoyed playing his routes. I’m just left with the prankster god( can’t remember how to spell his name :p), Dui and Karno’s routes to play. xD


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