semi/haitus until July


“Ah, my deepest apologies. My lady will be taking a leave for a while, and won’t be back until July. I hope this doesn’t cause you any trouble, but if it does alarm you, all of the princes are ready to entertain you in her her absence.”

Hi everyone! Like Zain said (pfft), starting from now to the end of June, I’m going to be heading off to do my super secret training (lol not really) required by my scholarship every summer break.

I’ll be on and off a ship at that time, and if you didn’t know, there’s no internet out on sea (well, there is but I’m not sure if I’ll have access to it). So it’ll be a month long break away from voltage games for me. I’ll definitely do my best to catch up as soon as I get back in July, but until then you’ll be seeing little to none of me in the next month (depending on whether I get internet access or not). I tried to get Yakov’s main story, Takashi’s main story, and Baba’s Twist of Fate routes in before I left, but I was busy with finals and packing my stuff for storage and travel over the summer, so unfortunately they’ll have to wait until after my break ; A ;

I’m planning on finishing Hakuouki on my 3DS, and maybe getting around to playing Dandelion and Nameless on my computer on my spare time out at sea. I’ll also try to get a few Shall we date? games done as well. Until then, CGs/reviews/walkthroughs will be put on hold until July, so please be patient! I’ll post what games I do finish during this haitus as soon as I get back or if I get internet access before then.

I hope everyone has a great summer! (enjoy that unlimited internet for me ; w ; )

3 thoughts on “semi/haitus until July

  1. I’ll be missing your blog for a while 😦 I loved reading your reviews on the routes after they been just released 😀 Nameless was such a good game, and I totally recommend you to play it asap haha.

    Hope you’ll have a nice summer and awaiting for your return 🙂


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