I’m back!!

Hey guys!

I came back a few days earlier than I thought I would, and while I’m still busy moving into my new place and settling down, I’ll try my best to start writing reviews and walkthroughs again as soon as possible!

I ended up being more busy than I thought I would and my free time was unexpectedly taken up by other things (*cough*Tales of Hearts R and Natsume Yuujinchou*cough*) but I’ll be tackling my otome backlog soon! Voltage has been relentless with releases in the month that I was gone, so please be patient as I go through June’s releases since my summer classes will also be starting soon and Voltage is probably going to release a lot of stuff in July too ^____^;;

I hope everyone had a great month!

8 thoughts on “I’m back!!

  1. Welcome back!! I missed you and I look forward to reading your reviews and walkthroughs again. So this month I bought a ipod touch 5 and spend a lot of money on voltage but I do not regret it XD I am so happy that I found a job that I like and not relaying on my parents. I have to go but will see you soon 😉
    p.s I hope that you have a good time on your vacation


    • Thank you!! I missed blogging about these games while I was gone ; w ;

      I’m glad that you found a job and that you like it! Hopefully Voltage is kind on your wallet ; w ; I wasn’t gone for a vacation trip but for training for my future job after I graduate, but I had a good time ^w^


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