[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Takashi Ninagawa season 1 Sequel

SITS Takashi Ninagawa S1 sequel

It’s been six months since the MC joined Revance as their ghostwriter, and although her private moments with Takashi are sweeter than ever, his “monster mode” adds a different kind of heat to their relationship when creating music. She understands that his harshness means that he takes her work seriously, but she still finds herself doubting her abilities when she struggles with writing lyrics. However, she’s given a chance to challenge her talents as scriptwriter when Revance plans to produce a stage play?!

Takashi is a musical genius, and while his talent helps Revance stay at the top through his compositions, it also puts immense pressure on the person who has to write lyrics for his music. Revance as a whole is an extremely talented group, and through the MC you start to see more of how Ryo must have felt when he was still writing lyrics for them. She faces a lot of trials in this route in both her lyrical and script writing, but she also faces personal ones due to her insecurity in her writing. She questions if her skills are good enough to showcase Revance’s own, and Takashi’s natural talent slowly makes her start to lose confidence in herself. There’s a more interaction with Ryo in this route compared to the other ones, and it definitely made gain more interest in what his own story has to offer.

Takashi also grows as a character after seeing the MC struggle. Being in the world of showbiz for so long, it’s natural for him to set a high standard for the people he works with. However, he slowly comes to understand that not everyone is as talented as Revance is, and learns to support the MC in ways that he wouldn’t have known to in the beginning of the story.

Not to say that the entire route is just the MC suffering. There are a lot of cute moments in the story as well; it’s surprising how affectionate Takashi can be, and he definitely made me squeal over how cute he was being with the MC a few times throughout the story (/w\) The other members of Revance take note of it and tease the two as well XD Takashi and the MC gain a better understanding of each other and definitely grow closer both as a couple and a composer-lyricist duo by the end of this route.

One complaint that I have with this story is that I thought the MC lost confidence in herself too quickly. One big improvement in this route compared to Takashi’s main story is that the pacing was done much better; it made a considerable difference in the story development. If you liked Takashi in his main story, I would recommend getting his sequel as well. I liked it more than his main story, and the cute moments between him and the MC are worth it >w< Happy playing!

One thought on “[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Takashi Ninagawa season 1 Sequel

  1. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks so much for making these reviews! I’m taking advantage of SITS’s sale right now and your posts really help to find which ones are worth buying. I’ve been reading your other Voltage posts and I wish I found this blog when I first started playing Voltage games! Thanks again!


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