[WALKTHROUGH] Scandal in the Spotlight: Takashi Ninagawa season 1 Sequel

SITS Takashi Ninagawa S1 sequel

*the meter may fluctuate between the two sides, but the result will lead to the respective endings*

Dramatic Love Ending

Chapter 1

  • “You think my face looks weird?”
  • “A kid’s show?”

Chapter 2

  • “Are you bored?”
  • “It’s for Taka.”

Chapter 3

  • “I need to make the lyrics more meaningful.”
  • “It’s still not good enough.”

Chapter 4

  • “Ryo probably feels the same.”
  • “That’s a new expression.”

Chapter 5

  • “I’m having fun with it.”
  • “Because I write too slowly?”

Chapter 6

  • “I can keep going.”
  • “Sorry.”

Chapter 7

  • * No choices*

SITS dramatic love ending

Romantic Time Ending

Chapter 1

  • “It’s nothing.”
  • “A late night show?”

Chapter 2

  • “Are you listening?”
  • “It’s for Mr. Ninagawa.”

Chapter 3

  • “I’m having trouble visualizing it.”
  • “I’ve had a sudden streak of inspiration.”

Chapter 4

  • “Ryo probably feels the same.”
  • “You two make quite a pair.”

Chapter 5

  • “I still have a long way to go.”
  • “Maybe he doesn’t believe in me…”

Chapter 6

  • “I’m fine.”
  • “I was really surprised.”

Chapter 7

  • *No choices*

SITS romantic time ending

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