[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Aki Fujishima season 2 The Proposal

FILA Aki Fujishima S2 the proposal

It’s been a year since Aki and the MC have met each other, and their circumstances have considerably changed since then; the MC is the owner of the newly reopened Larme while Aki pursues success with his own consulting firm. Their moments as a couple grow sweeter than ever, but the MC’s mother keeps pestering her about settling down and getting married. The MC wants to hear a proposal from Aki as well, but doesn’t want to pressure him when both of them are busy with their new careers.

A lot of things have changed since season 1 of FILA, and consequently there have been a lot of changes in the relationship between Aki and the MC. The employer-employee aspect of their relationship is gone now, and I think it changed their relationship for the better; they seem more like equals now and the MC has a lot more confidence in herself since she owns her own bakery.

However, the fact that the MC still feels pressured about being the older person in the relationship hasn’t changed. Rather than worry about the stigma towards younger man-older woman relationships, it’s more personal; she feels as if she needs to keep her composure and support Aki because she’s the older one. This causes her to hold back in a few aspects and add in the nonstop pressure from her family to settle down with Aki, the idea of marriage adds a lot of strain to their relationship. I personally didn’t like how forceful her mother got in the subject, but I think it was realistically depicted; any mother would be worried if their daughter her mid-thirties hadn’t settled down yet.

Once again, FILA didn’t disappoint me with its writing. The MC’s mixed emotions when it came to marriage were conveyed extremely well; however, Aki’s change of heart when it came to when they should get married was a bit sudden and too subtle for readers to catch until the end. I also think there the MC’s family put too much pressure on Aki to propose to her. Their relationship was depicted more passionately in this route; Aki doesn’t hold back as much, and there were a lot of moments when I found myself squealing into my pillows (/w\)

It doesn’t get mentioned until later in the route, but I really liked the fact that Aki started his own firm without the aide of his father. He’s determined to make his own way to success without relying on his father, and he isn’t wishy-washy about it; however, it does add a bit of strain to his relationship with the MC, and there are times when he expects a bit too much out of her (though he does end up realizing it).

I highly recommend this route, especially if you’re an Aki fan. You’ll probably fall even more with him and by the end of the story, it feels as if Aki and the MC have grown closer and a little more mature (they even take note of if themselves). I absolutely loved the ending, and I’m sure you will too ; w ; Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Aki Fujishima season 2 The Proposal

  1. Ommgg thank you for the review // wahh it’s really helpful / also / just want to say the wedding is out , hope u can do a walkthrough soon ^^


    • Thank you for reading it! I’m glad it helped you out ^w^

      Aki’s wedding is in line after Eisuke’s proposal (and maybe Samon’s season 2 story), but hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon! ; w ;


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