[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Main Story


The MC chooses her high school friend Ren as her suitor for the month, remembering the close relationship they shared in the past. However, memories of high school also bring back the secret crush she had on Yamato, the other person of their friendship trio. While her unrequited feelings for him grow once again, she finds herself once again confiding her thoughts to Ren. However, the situation changes when Ren professes his own love for her, saying that he can’t bear to see her with Yamato!

Like in MFW, the Ren in MWA7R is a researcher and lives in a home with only the bare essentials XD However, it’s apparent from the start of the route that he’s a lot more outgoing and expressive than his MFW counterpart (though he does show a stoic side once in a while). While he is one of the “Seven Beasts” of Sanno Corp., he doesn’t give off as intense of an ambitious and overbearing vibe compared to the others; he’s much more understanding and easier to approach.

The friendship he shares with the MC is extremely close, to the point that she considers him her older brother. When it comes to anything regarding her, he’ll drop everything and rush to her side; he pays a lot of attention to her, and always lends her an open ear and encourages her when she needs it. While I loved the friendship between the two of them, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ren; it’s obvious that he’s loved her for a long time, but cheers her on with her love for Yamato. The patience and understanding he shows her is amazing, and it honestly hurt seeing how much he cares for her, even though she doesn’t see it. I did a happy dance when he finally confessed his feelings for her, and wanted to cry when he tries to put the MC’s feelings before his again towards the end.

Something that caught my interest in this route was a conversation about comfortable vs. heart pounding relationships; while the MC has a comfortable relationship with Ren, her heart is always aflutter around Yamato due to her crush on him. I think the transition of Ren going from a “brother” to a “man” was done extremely well; it was slow and subte, and didn’t seem too forced. I didn’t like how the MC realized how precious her relationship with Ren was until she lost it; I wish she had realized earlier, especially since Ren was absolutely amazing in how much patience and love he showered her with. Ren’s tendency to put the MC before himself was also a bit frustrating, especially towards the end of the story; however, it’s understandable since the MC always looked towards Yamato while Ren could only watch her from the sidelines.

While I wasn’t a big fan of his MFW main story, this route made me appreciate Ren a lot more. The changes that were made in his character made it a lot more easier to see how he changed throughout the story, and the smile on my face was ridiculously big when he finally understood that the MC loved him and not Yamato. Please give him a try! He definitely deserves a lot of love, and you’ll find yourself rooting for him as well. Happy playing! >w<

25 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Main Story

  1. I almost didn’t purchase Ren because of his too slow MFW story. I’m *so* glad I didn’t! I loved this route even more than Yamato’s.

    I hadn’t really warmed up to this game until I read Ren’s story. His downhearted expression made me have so many feels for his character. Now I just need to unlock his secret stories!


    • I’m glad that you liked Ren’s route as well! I didn’t like his MFW main story that much, but this route was really well written and I’m glad that I decided to play it (I almost didn’t because of his MFW route). I wish you luck with unlocking the secret stories!


  2. Hi Yume! Its me Nana! It has been a long time but here we gooo. I really love the story, this is probably one of the best routes in MW7R. I cant help but rooting for Ren’s love to not be one sided, Yamato is also my fav but this story is really really making me symphatize at Ren and support him even more. AND I FREAKING LOVE THE SECRET STORIES WELP. Bye, Nana 💋


    • Thank you so much for reading my reviews! (and for giving Ren and Junta a chance ^w^)

      I agree with you, this is definitely one of the best stories in MWA7R! It was an emotional rollercoaster ride ; w ;


  3. Ren is hands down my favorite from the app; He reminds me more of Ren from Akito’s MFW route rather than his own. I definitely was routing for him throughout the story and I’m excited to see his sequel because their relationship feels very realistic.


    • I’m glad that you liked him! I can’t see anyone not rooting for him in this story; he tries so hard, but is so patient with the MC at the same time ; w ; I can’t wait for his sequel as well >w<


  4. I think I will get this route. I’ve been afraid to since I actually love Ren in MFW. He’s still my favorite Voltage guy. I was scared that it would feel weird with him being a different character.


  5. Hi Yume! I took a break from your blog when you said you were going to take a break, but welcome back!!! =D I bought Ren last night and I powered through to Episode 9 until 1am and I am forced to go to bed. At work now and I am pining for him so bad! T_T

    I just thought you’d like to know, but I don’t bother going anywhere else for reviews anymore! =D Ren is my favourite Voltage guy ever, and it only took me your review to purchase him immediately. No regrets there, as you might be able to tell =D

    Many people don’t realise how much preparation goes into a blogpost, and your detailed yet sound reviews prove you a very critical reviewer =D Keep up the great work! Few can do it as well as you do! ^_^


    • I’m glad that you gave Ren a chance! He’s such a sweetheart ; w ;

      Thank you so much for reading my reviews! I’m glad that they help you out, and I’m really flattered that you think so highly of them (/w\) It does get a bit difficult to muster the motivation to write these sometimes, but I’m glad that people like you appreciate them! Once again, thank you!! >w<


  6. I love this story and I am a big fan of Ren! I felt so emotional in this story because of Ren T.T However I was really disappointed with the epilogue tho, because the I felt that the MC was quite bitchy? Sorry about that, but she was doubting Ren so much that I felt that it is unfair, cuz it is obvious that Ren really loves the MC..


  7. Oh my gosh, now before I start my rant I’ll tell you this I’m over the moon in love with Ren. Now I shall start my rant is the mc stupid or something I mean the letter on the gift box of Mochi or whatever said do your best and then Ren walked up behind her not long after. So obviously it’s from Ren and not Yamoto or whatever her other guy friend’s name is. I mean Ren is the only person who something was bothering her Yamoto didn’t notice and Ren new it and didn’t need to look the mc in the face to tell. The mc is so lucky I wish I could find someone at least half as good as Ren. Whew rant over. I LOVE YOU REN😍


  8. Ren is my favourite guy in both MFW and MWA7R. Well…..honestly….he’s the only guy I’ve chosen yet….in both the games. I loved him in MFW so I chose him again in MWA7R. He’s soooooooooooooooo cute and adorable. I wish he really existed ….I know this thought is kinda stupid but…….I can’t help it. I love you Ren♥♥♥♥♥♥


  9. Hello 🙂

    I have bought Ren for a week but the app clashed so i couldnt play it until today. I almost gave up!! But I am so glad i didnt!! Because I love how he’s so sweet and gentle and always nice and his love for the MC is just 😍😍😍 so thank you for your review because it did encourage me to buy him

    Anyway, there is a bit that i dont really understand. Does Yamato like the MC romantically? Cause I am not very sure… also, will he return in Ren’s sequal? (Because somehow the Trio friendship makes me smile and happy

    Andway, thank you for writing the review 🙂


    • I’m glad you decided to buy his story! Ren is such a sweetheart >w<

      It's been a while since I've played the story but if I remember correctly I think Yamato might have returned the MC's feelings in the end (I'm not too sure so don't take my word for it ^__^;; ) The friendship between the three of them definitely stays and I does make appearances in Ren's sequel ^^

      Thank you for reading it! I'm glad it helped you out 😀


      • Yes, I just finished it and Yamato says to the MC “I wish I could I have made you happy” and she’s like “huh?” It was put there to get ya’ll to buy his route lol. Lickily I played Yamato first because he was so great in MFW.


        • Haha i guess I am like the MC and rather slow with realising other’s love for me because i was very puzzled, but unsure about Yamato liking the MC in MWA7R 😂 did you enjoy yamato in MWA7R? Cause I personally prefered Ren than Yamato in MFW. (It was years ago and I have forgotten about most of I might change my opinion if I replay it 😊)


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