[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Yamato Kougami season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Yamato Kougami S1 sequel

The MC couldn’t be happier after choosing her high school crush Yamato as her fiancé for the Program; the two are happily in love, and things are turning sweeter every day at home. However, things start to turn for the worse at work when Yamato’s sector loses an important client. Although he tells her not to worry about it, the MC can’t help but show concern when he works himself from dawn to dusk to fix his mistake and acts strangely, leading the MC to fear that his feelings for her might have changed.

Aside from being even sweeter at home, Yamato hasn’t change much from his main story. He’s an “alpha male” who’s used to doing things on his own, and this route focuses a lot on his inability to rely on others and the possible misunderstandings that could arise from it. Yamato faces a few situations in this route where he has to choose between the MC and his work, and I think Voltage did a good job in portraying this realistically; he doesn’t drop everything to run to the MC all the time, which would have been incredibly irresponsible due to his position in the company.

The MC is amazingly selfless in this route. She tries her best to trust in Yamato, and doesn’t want to cause him any trouble or stress due to his situation at work. However, this causes her to leave unanswered questions between them when quite honestly they should’ve been asked and answered. I think both she and Yamato could’ve been more selfish; both of them don’t want to make the other worry, and because of this they both hid stuff from each other. However, by the end of the route they learn that communicating to each other is important; getting married means changing from a “me” to “us” mindset and learning to share both joys and sorrows.

Quiet honestly, this route didn’t do a lot for me. I couldn’t help but think that it fell short compared to Yamato’s MFW sequel and Asahi’s sequel (which I had read right before this route). I guess Asahi’s sequel raised my expectations for the sequels in MWA7R, and Yamato’s didn’t meet them. Like Asahi’s sequel, the conflicts in this story were a bit cliché, but didn’t like how they were delivered. However, I do think that they were chosen with Yamato’s stubbornness in mind; Hayami even says so in the end XD Overall, the story and both the character and relationship development seemed subpar to me.

This route will probably be a hit or miss. If you weren’t sure if you liked Yamato or not after his main story, then I can’t really recommend this route. Personally, this route was a miss for me and I’m hoping that his next route will be better. If you do choose to go ahead and get this route, I hope you enjoy it more than I did! Happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Yamato Kougami season 1 Sequel

  1. Dear Yume,
    Thank you for the review 😉 I also thought that Yamato sequel did not measure up towards his MFW. I don’t know, but I felt that I have a more of connection to his MFW. For example, you could see the change in the relationship he had towards the MC in MFW, like when he started to slowly fall in love with her and started to see her as for who she is not as someone who he is using just to pretend to be his wife. Maybe for me, the way I see it is just because he was popular in MFW it feels to me he is a different person in this story then his original. Anyway, that it all for now and keep up the good work XD
    p.s are you going to review voltage new game: Labyrinths of Astoria because I am really looking forward towards your review.
    Another thing is I heard that they are canceling True Love Sweet Lies which make me mad because not only are we not probably a proposal route or wedding :C I mean not to be rude voltage but maybe you should hold back a bit on newer games and focus on some of the older games because their are many fans who love the older apps. Their are many other people (like myself) who feel this way because they spent a lot of money on some of these stories and now it feels it was a waste of both time and money.


    • Hi Beverly!
      Unfortunately, I won’t be reviewing Labyrinths of Astoria. I’m struggling to keep up with just the translated games that Voltage is bringing over, and there are also games from other companies that I really want to try out but haven’t had the time to due to Voltage’s constant updates ; A ;

      Ahh, that’s really unfortunate about TLSL. I hadn’t seen updates from the JP app for a while, and it didn’t really come as a surprise to me when it was announced that they would be removing it from Koi Cafe. I definitely understand how you feel about that game; Kiss of Revenge is one of my most favorite Voltage games (it was my first one ) and I’m still upset that it didn’t get translated beyond the first season ; A ;


    • Hi there. I was just wondering where you heard that Voltage was canceling TLSL. I’m still playing the app and they’re still updating, just very slowly. I also remember taking a survey asking if I wanted the proposal or wedding next. TLSL is one of the first and one of my favourite games so it would be a real shame if they’re canceling it.


      • TLSL is being removed from Koi Cafe, the JP version of Sweet Cafe. Usually if this means that the game has finished or Voltage isn’t planning on releasing more stories for it. I’m not entirely sure if Voltage is going to cancel the game because of it’s popularity overseas, but it’s sill very probable since we usually get what the JP fans want and if there isn’t a demand for TLSL in the JP version then the EN version is also very likely to be cancelled.


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