[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi season 2 The Proposal

FILA Shuichiro Momoi S2 the proposal

Change is in the air when the MC reopens Patisserie Larme; not only is she in charge of the new store, but Momoi is going away to France for a year! However, their separation is shorter than expected when Momoi is given the chance to be the head pastry chef of the branch store a famous French bakery is opening in Japan. Though they’re closer now than ever before after Momoi’s return, their hearts slowly grow distant due to their busy schedules.

Momoi has definitely softened up a lot compared to when he first met the MC; it’s hard to believe that this is the man who hurled insults at the MC when she first started working at Larme XD Both of them have grown a lot as pastry chefs, and I liked how both of them got to go out and do their own things in new shops in this route; I also liked how sweet Momoi was to the MC, especially in the beginning of the story (/w\) I especially liked how serious Momoi was about proposing to the MC; I didn’t expect it from him, and it was pleasant surprise >w< However, there are times in this story were he’s extremely insensitive to the MC, but he does realize them without having to be told and (eventually) sincerely apologizes to her.

Overall, this story wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. One of the things I liked in this story was how marriage wasn’t as big of an issue as it was compared to Aki’s proposal route; it gave the story a chance to develop in other areas instead of focusing on the MC’s age and worrying about marriage. However, I don’t think Voltage took advantage of this potential to the fullest. Instead of fully developing a few key conflicts, it felt like there was too much going on in this story, resulting in a slightly rushed pace throughout the entire route. The conflicts that did arise were brought out too quickly, and every single one of them felt like they were resolved suddenly. If anything, it did feel that the conflicts were evenly spaced out throughout the story.

One of the more developed conflicts in this story is the growing friendship between Kanata and the MC. While he does jokingly put moves on her once in a while, she doesn’t take him seriously and instead sees him as a potential friend she’d get along with well. I liked how there wasn’t any forced romance between the two, but quite honestly, Kanata outshines Momoi in almost every way in this story (Please keep in mind that I might be biased because I liked him more than Momoi before this route). If you haven’t played Kanata’s route before this story, then you’ll most likely be compelled to do so afterwards XD (Please do, his route was amazing)

If you liked Momoi in season 1, then you’ll probably enjoy this story. If you weren’t sure about how you felt about him, then this route probably isn’t for you. While the cute moments were extremely cute, I don’t think they are worth it if you aren’t a Momoi fan. Hopefully his next route will be better ; w ; However, I really liked the epilogue! It was absolutely adorable, funny, and heart-warming. Even if you don’t get the proposal route, I highly recommend that you get the epilogue >w< Once again, happy playing!

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