[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 3 No Love Allowed

OTBS Minato Okouchi S3 no love allowed

After resettling into their house, Minato and the MC are about to come open about their relationship at work when the MC suddenly gets transferred! Now part of the newly started Saison team, the MC is shocked to find out that her new boss doesn’t allow romantic relations between coworkers! Things turn for the worse when she finds herself struggling to meet the demands of the Saison team, and to top it off, her boss hints at knowing about her relationship to Minato?!

There are a lot of changes in this season of OTBS, and it brings a fresh new twist to the game. I really appreciated that the MC was the one who got the transfer instead of Minato; it gives her an opportunity to grow even more at Shiki Publishing, and she definitely does so in this route. However, it’s not an easy ride for her; she faces a lot of challenges in this story, and there are times where she feels completely overwhelmed. I liked how her article topic of choice was related to her own struggles, and you can see her mentality shift from one of self-despair to determination as she improves her article throughout the story. While teamwork is important at her work, she learns to be much more independent and gains a new level of confidence by the end of the story.

Minato does an absolutely superb job at supporting the MC in this route. However, while he doesn’t hesitate to support her, he’s also a bit too supportive; he tries to makes things easier for her at work, but at the same time inhibits her growth while doing so. Minato learns to give the MC some space and let her do her own thing, giving her room to grow. It definitely helps in their relationship; they’re more like equals now compared to the superior-subordinate relationship they had before. It seemed to me that the MC felt more at ease towards the end in their relationship because of her newfound confidence; she’s finally “caught up” with the rest of the Seasonelle team, and earned her place as a respected editor at Shiki Publishing.

I really liked Minato in this story; he’s been growing on me with every new route, and it happened again in this one. He’s surprisingly jealous and a bit possessive of the MC, but it’s his way of showing that he loves and cares for her XD I was surprised by how excited he was of the idea of getting married to the MC. He definitely didn’t seem like the type in his season 1 main story, and it’s amazing to see how much he’s changed since then. He even tries cooking for the MC at one point, and it somehow ends up successful XD There are definitely a lot of cute moments in the story >w<

I definitely recommend this route if you’re a Minato fan, and if you weren’t that big of a fan before, this route will probably change how you view him. He’s softened up a lot, and though he still teases the MC with “doggy” and “Pommy” references, it’s how he expresses his love (I think lol). After playing this route, I can’t wait to play the other season 3 routes in OTBS! I’m excited to see how the new changes in the game will affect the MC in her relationships with the other guys. Happy playing!

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