[WALKTHROUGH] Our Two Bedroom Story: Kaoru Kirishima season 3 No Love Allowed

OTBS Kaoru Kirishima S3 no love allowed

Chapter 1

  • “I wanna think about it.”
  • “You okay?”

Chapter 2

  • “…”
  • “I can’t leave things like this.”

Chapter 3

  • “Sorry.”
  • “Because we joined the same year.”

Chapter 4

  • “Take me to the nearest station.”

Chapter 5

  • “What favor?”
  • “I’m glad that you feel that way.”

Chapter 6

  • “Don’t overwork yourself.”
  • “No, it’s not like that.”

Chapter 7

  • “I’m worried about you.”
  • “O…kay.”

 OTBS S1 ending

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